audio driver required for Intel C600/X79

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    Dear friends,

    I seem to be missing the required audio driver for my new mainboard which uses the C600/X79 audio chipset. As a result I have no sound at all, not even the brave attempts antiX often puts together.

    I already have a kernel constraint in that 5.8.16 is already installed to support the Nvidia chipset of my graphics card.

    Can anyone advise and guide me towards resolving this problem?

    All responses thankfully received.


    How is your audio output connected to your machine? Does it come from a TV screen connected through HDMI? Is it connected to a jack audio port? Or is it perhaps using a USB speaker? All these things are important and you haven’t explained this.

    Also, make sure in alsa mixer that no audio output is muted.

    Please test out this script I wrote some time ago. Test the devices one by one based on how you expect your audio to be coming out (if through HDMI from your nvidia card, you will probably need to test the devices under Nvidia card; if using an audio jack or USB, then the devices under intel C600/X79). If you get any sound from any of them, save it as the default card and test firefox-esr or other programs to see if now audio works.

    If nothing works, we will need to better understand how you have the audio output set up.


    A good call Xecure, in the mixer adjustment PCM was set at zero, bringing it up to a reasonable value immediately produced sound. The speakers are connected by a duplex jack in the green mainboard socket, nothing fancy with HDMI. I ran your script and the sound test was successful on device 0, ALC887-VD Analog.

    I was initially confused by there being 2 sound ‘cards’ listed by F6, 0 = HDA Intel PCH, 1 = HDA NVidia and it always seemed to revert to the PCH setting when I tried to select the other.

    I should have known it was something simple as I could hear the occasional crackle from the speakers while doing other things. As usual in my case, a lack of experience. Mainframes don’t often involve users in hardware issues so I am always at square one with such troubles on PCs. I should have read the sound card advice the installer displays as things proceed – well worth a read!

    Many thanks!


    The inxi -Fxz output will tell you what driver is loaded.

    Also lsmod

    Then use Alsa mixer to increase volume, switch cards, etc.

    Glad you got it sorted out. I’ve spent several minutes troubleshooting sound only to realize I had the stereo on the wrong input or had the wire unplugged or plugged in to the wrong port.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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