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      [ Dell XFR E6420 ]
      [ antiX-22_x64-full Grup Yorum 18 October 2022 ]
      [ pulseaudio 14.2 ]
      [ Volume Icon 0.4.6 ]

      I accidentally clicked the mute icon on my taskbar but sound wasn’t restored after clicking it back on. I’ve rebooted, manually killed and restarted pulse audio, checked every audio setting I know to check, but I still can’t play sound of any kind. I’m not too versed in Linux, or antiX to know where else to look. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

      Thank you.

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        Hi DragonGirlsAndTrucks,

        Do you have the Pulse Audio Volume Control app (PAVU) installed?

        If so, what does it show as available and selected?


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          Hi, apart from ‘pavucontrol’, you could try running the command ‘alsamixer’ (in a terminal) and see whether the master is muted there.
          Sometimes (after a reboot) I have to increase volume there as well.


            Hi friends. Thanks for the info.

            I installed puvucontrol, but there didn’t seem to be an issue there. I also noticed that consolekit was missing, so I installed that.

            I have tried audio with both my speakers and headphones to ensure it wasn’t the hardware itself and made sure to change output devices when doing so.

            I have some screenshots attached of settings.


                On your first screenshot alsamixer.jpg the master channel is muted. MM
                Did you try to unmute it by pressing the letter m on your keyboard, while you are in alsamixer there ?


                  Aaaaand I did not know that’s what that meant – I thought M was representative of Master. I have sound. Amazing.

                  Thank you so much for being so patient.

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