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      Can you tell me how I can do it? I’m really new to the terminal so I don’t know how to proceed.

      Never have installed steam, but maybe this could do the trick:
      sudo apt-get --install-suggests install steam steam-installer steam-libs steam-libs-i386 steam-devices
      (Open a console window, antiX main menu → Terminal, should be something like “roxterm”, and copy or key in the above line)

      Alternatively try installing it from antiX control centre, section programs → antiX package installer. Enter steam into the search field (or click open the category games) and let it install. This will also invoke apt, automatically selecting the beforementioned packages.

      Windows is like a submarine. Open a window and serious problems will start.


        Steam should work on a 32-bit system, though certainly some games may not work on your particular system.

        Steam would probably work on a 32 bit system if debian would have packaged it:

        They have merely an amd64 package. This is why the antiX package installer fails when trying to install this on a 32 bit system by selecting it (and also the manual apt command from above). The package installer will try to install precisely this very nonexistent package.

        Will try to file a bug report to debian, maybe they can create the missing 32 bit version.

        Windows is like a submarine. Open a window and serious problems will start.


          No way. No way to install steam on 32 bit hardware.

          This was the rapid reply to my bug report (“wishlist”) at the debian bugtracking system:

          › The Debian 32bit deb package is missing, even when steam supports 32
          › bit hardware (see: ).

          Sorry, this is intentional: the proprietary Steam client does not support
          32-bit hardware any more. Valve’s proprietary “bootstrapper” is still
          32-bit, but the only thing that the bootstrapper is able to download is
          the latest version of the main Steam client, and all versions for the
          last few years have had a 64-bit-only user interface (steamwebhelper).

          Valve have indicated that they have no interest in supporting 32-bit-only
          systems, or older systems in general
          : the 64-bit version will not
          actually work on the oldest 64-bit CPUs supported by Debian either
          (it needs CMPXCHG16B and SSE3, which Debian amd64 does not guarantee).

          The Steam client automatically updates itself, so it is not possible to
          continue to run an old 32-bit Steam client either

          This requirement is documented upstream on
          <;, which among other
          things says:

          – x86-64 (AMD64) instruction set
          – 64-bit (x86-64, AMD64) Linux kernel
          – 64-bit (x86-64, AMD64) *and* 32-bit (i386, IA32) graphics drivers and glibc

          Technically it would be possible to provide a 32-bit .deb, but it would
          not actually work unless you have a 64-bit kernel and the ability to
          install 64-bit libraries, and if that’s the case then you’re also able
          to install the 64-bit steam-installer.deb that already exists.

          (Citation from )

          Windows is like a submarine. Open a window and serious problems will start.


            How can I find more options of games on Antix?

            There are thousands of games that you can legally play, even in 32bits devices, without using emulators to run ROMs of commercial games that you probably don’t own (i.e.- piracy):



              YellowZaions, are you sure your processor is 32-bit?
              Please watch the video “3 – Which antiX ISO do I have to download and install on my computer? (How to identify the 32-bit or 64-bit processor architecture of the computer that has Windows or antiX installed?)” to you learn how to identify the architecture of your processor.
              If your processor is 64-bit, then use antiX’s full 64-bit SysVinit ISO.
              The people who are trying to help you are wasting their time, because if you had provided your computer and operating system data, as per the topic How to: correctly use antiX forum, everything would be much easier for people who want to help you.
              Please learn how to ask for help here on the antiX forum by reading the threads I linked in my real welcome.(I’ve already written this for you on YouTube and here on the forum.)

              – – – – –

              YellowZaions, você tem certeza de que o seu processador é de 32 bits?
              Por favor, assista o vídeo “3 – Qual ISO do antiX eu tenho que baixar e instalar no meu computador? (Como identificar a arquitetura do processador de 32 bits ou 64 bits do computador que tenha o Windows ou o antiX instalado?)” para você aprender como identificar a arquitetura do seu processador.
              Se o seu processador for de 64 bits, então utilize a ISO full SysVinit de 64 bits do antiX.
              As pessoas que estão tentando te ajudar estão perdendo o seu tempo, porque se você tivesse fornecido os dados do seu computador e do sistema operacional, conforme o tópico How to: correctly use antiX forum, tudo seria muito mais fácil para as pessoas que estão querendo te ajudar.
              Por favor, aprenda a pedir ajuda aqui no fórum do antiX lendo os tópicos que eu indiquei na minha verdadeira boas-vindas. (Eu já escrevi isso para você no YouTube e aqui no fórum.)


                To check if your computer is 32bits:
                Menu do antiX > Centro de Controle > Equipamento > Informação de computador > “CPU…32/64 bits ” > “OK”

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