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    I first got in contact with Linux in 2007 (Ubuntu) and have since then used a couple different ones. I’m still a noob, especially now since I been on a break from Linux for several years (forgotten most of it probably) but I’m back again, this time trying out Antix. I tried installing a couple other small distros as well but Antix was the first distro that allowed me to reach the desktop! I have since installation managed to get my wifi working (not as easy in 2007) and installed a couple programs. I could run some more demanding distro (laptop is from 2010) but I don’t have very high demands, other then being able to browse the Internet and watch movies.

    Right now I’m mainly having fun exploring and changing wallpaper and all that! :p

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    Howdy and Welcome.

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    haha yes! Tweaking settings & “wallpaper shopping:” Boy am I glad it’s FREE! 😉


    Welcome back aldrich86!

    I’ve also successfully installed antiX on several machines that pre-date 2010 by quite a bit. I have it running on a few Pentium-III’s from around 1999-2000 and some P-4’s from 2003-2006. antiX is great for bringing new life to old equipment.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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