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      I am new here in the forum and I use antiX 19.3 (386).

      How can I permanently ban the icons (see picture) from the bar? I can disable the individual displays, but they are automatically restarted when I restart.

      I can’t find anything under JWM and IceWM.

      Who can help?

      Greetings from Germany (sorry for the bad English)

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        Hallo Frank
        in /home/username /.icewm/preferences ab etwa zeil 300 sind die optionen zu finden.

        # Show CPU frequency in CPU status tool tip
        CPUStatusShowCpuFreq=0 # 0/1

        Setze of 0 um die Anzeige nach Icewm Restart auszuschalten

        JWM nütze ich nicht kann deswegen nichts dazu beisteuern.


          Hi ext4,
          or if you want to get rid of the flag, go to
          menu > control-centre > Sitzung > Konfiguration der Benutzersitzung

          This will open the startup-tab of the desktop-session
          It’s line 13 here on mine
          fbxkb-start &

          change it to
          #fbxkb-start &

          The cpu and ram icons are about line 360 here on mine in /home/username /.icewm/preferences, you can also get there by
          menu > control-centre > Oberfläche > IceWm Einstellungen

          Your english is nice, btw


            Complementing the advice of the experts, since the fix implemented in icewm vs 2.0.1, you can also save the changes you have done using the Preferences menu from the icewm menu.

            I can disable the individual displays, but they are automatically restarted when I restart.

            If this comment is related to changing preferences from the menu, to make them permanent, there is an option at the bottom of the icewm Preferences menu that should say “Save Modification” (something similar should be displayed in German). With this you can avoid having to manually edit files (for the few options you can see in the menu). For more advanced options, as the experts recommend, edit the icewm’s preferences file.

            antiX Live system enthusiast.
            General Live Boot Parameters for antiX.


              you are the greatest.
              Everything worked out.
              Thank you for the quick help.

              Es kann nur e1nen geben!

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