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    I say the following from personal experience.

    Often times what I “assumed” was wrong in Linux, was not actually wrong.
    When I asked for help based on my assumptions, rather than facts, I got speculative answers upon my speculations.

    Long story shorter. For years, I assumed I needed only Linux kernel 4.2.0-trunk, because things didn’t work without it. And I didn’t get great answers asking on that. Later I learned to hate pulse-audio(lol), but “software that does one job perfect, vs C-team jack” is a valuable lesson. I also learned, even a simple WM can overwrite, or fail to include xkeybindings we might want.

    Logs are great, find them ask them.
    Grow a bit, read logs, google [ee] lines, and ask even more informed questions.
    Ask those questions of the script authors 1st if possible.

    Howdy Jessie.

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    Howdy and welcome since I missed ya earlier.

    Up late figuring out how to make a chrome box antiX install.

    Sometimes I drive a crooked road to get my mind straight.
    Not all who Wander are Lost.
    I'm not outa place. I'm from outer space.

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    How to Search for AntiX solutions to your problems

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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