Best resolution and performance AGP or PCI video card for antiX 19?

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      Any ideas? Hopefully something I might already have laying around or something I can find used for peanuts on ebay…

      If I could find something capable of 1680×1050 or at least 1440×900 that would be good enough. My old nVidia’s don’t want to work at higher resolutions on Debian Buster or antiX19, but if I could get another older card working instead, that would be fine.

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        Desktop I take it? Mini tower or tall tower?

        My Big screen TV monitor works OK with old fanless video pci cards. Not sure of resolution because I don’t boot that desktop up much. Desktop is old Dell server from city hall.

        So post inxi -Fxz so we can better recommend what might fit your gear,

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          Its an nVidia NV34 GeForce FX 5500 with 128 mb. Vendor code is: 0326. I have about 4 or 5 of those cards, PCI and AGP. Inxi -Fxz says Driver: N/A If I boot in safe mode I get 640×480 X-Windows. They used to work fine with nv driver and is listed by Debian as compatible.

          I can’t get the listing from the machine because the USB flashdrive didn’t come up and neither did WiFi.

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            I took pics of the screens on 19b1 and from 17.4.1 where it works right

            212157 is from 17.4.1

            213614 is the xorg log errors at the end. up above it tried to load module nv but couldn’t find it…

            213739 is the inxi in console mode on 19b1 because in safe mode its only 640×480

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              Hi BobC,

              I’m using a radeon 9250 pci on 19b1-32-bit and it drives at
              1440X900 on the live dvd and is pretty cheap on E-Bay.
              (screenshot 1)
              I have to say though most on there were fanless so not sure what your
              airflow is in that old p3 case.
              I also checked the radeon 9250 pci on an old P3-440bx mobo and it
              worked with the ati driver (screenshot 3)
              Also my nvidia geforce fx5200 agp loads the nouveau driver and
              does 1440X900 resolution as well. (screenshot 2)


                I tried 6 cards, 5 worked but all came up 640 x 480 or console mode only. Debian Buster has the same problem.

                Maybe I’ll try to find an old Radeon Universal AGP card.

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                  Its an nVidia NV34 GeForce FX 5500 with 128 mb.

                  Also my nvidia geforce fx5200 agp loads the nouveau driver and
                  does 1440X900 resolution as well. (screenshot 2)

                  BobC, I cannot be of much help here, but reading this I realized that:
                  – linuxdaddy got working the FX 5200 (AGP) at 900p with the nouveau driver.
                  – You are trying to get the FX 5500 to work on 900p, but the nouveau driver doesn’t load properly.
                  – Both use the NV34 GPU, so they should experience the same problems.

                  Maybe because of the attempt of reducing the ISO size of the antiX 19b1 something which the nouveau driver needs is missing. Or maybe it is related to some boot option that dissables it. Maybe trying to figure out what makes it possible for linuxdaddy’s card to work will help find a solution to your problem.

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                    I mounted a DVD drive onto it so I am using the standatd iso file burned to a DVD. I found another box of video cards last night and will try the PCI ones.

                    I’m wondering at this point if I have Bios setting issue or need a cheat code for it.

                    It makes no sense that antiX 17.4.1 and KNOPPIX 8.1 work fine but antiX19b1 and Debian Buster both fail. I guess the other possibility is that it’s a XOrg 1.20 issue. I guess the only way to find that out is to load another non Debian based 32 bit distro that has XOrg 1.20.

                    Another possibility is the 5.15 kernel. I would need to switch it and remaster before burning the DVD to try a different kernel.

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                      The machine in the basement turned out to be a P4. With antiX19b2 one of the cards worked in safe mode at 1024 x 768, which is reasonable enough.

                      I ordered an ATI Radeon 9250 for under $10 shipped that should work in either of my old Pentium III towers. As silly as it might sound, I like to have a “minimal” machine or two around to test with.

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                        BobC wrote:

                        I ordered an ATI Radeon 9250

                        I hope it was the pci not the agp as my nvidia geforce fx5200 agp would
                        not boot on the P3 motherboard because most agp cards are not backwards
                        compatible with 8x-4x-2x motherboard agp buses.
                        Not sure what your bios settings look like, but I used the live dvd and
                        no boot cheat codes (check for any dmesg errors). I had the bios settings
                        for the same aperature ram size as the video card ram. If your bios can
                        disable any video rom shadowing.


                          Its a universal AGP board that does both 1.5v and 3.3v, and senses/adjusts to whichever is available. It should work as I have other universal AGP boards with the same pin outs and power specs that work fine. It’s just that I don’t have any ATI ones. The Dual P III machine is now working at 1024×768 in safe mode now with antiX19b2, but I would like to do better than that if I can.

                          The only boot error is an ACPI error. I might try turning it off. I don’t think its causing the video problems.

                          I guess I’m spoiled from all my fast machines anymore. The old P III does fine doing terminal and command line stuff, and even things like Gparted are fine, but Firefox eats the CPU and is darned pokey, lol. Its not an antiX problem. Its just gotten big and slow year by year.

                          Thanks for your suggestions and support :) There’s nothing like running 20 year old hardware to ferret out any slow code.

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                            The ATI Radeon 9250 AGP arrived and works at 1680 x 1050 on 19b2. It’s the first time in my life an ATI card worked (and I’m getting old, LOL)

                            The cheap tablet thing turned out to be a dead end, so maybe it wasn’t $9 wasted…

                            Thanks for the help :)

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                              You’re welcome bobc,

                              I’m glad your machine is working good now.
                              I’ve been using ati for a long time and support has been getting alot better
                              for the radeon chips in recent linux & mesa/X versions. I have several radeon HD
                              ones that run linux perfectly and in fact my 19-b2 usb test right now is on a
                              AMD-A10 with radeon-kaveri (R7) grahpics and works great at 1440X900 with full GL
                              My recent tests are giving me problems on Intel onbaord (845-965) motherboards and I’ve
                              never been a fan of nvidia stuff — infact have several that may go on let-go or
                              facebook-marketplace pretty soon.

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