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      I want to contribute a better version of the ascii art for antiX to neofetch. The current one is imho a bit “sparse”. I tried to use the small antiX logo files that can be found “on the internet”, but their size is too small to get good results. So does someone have a bigger (or scalable) version of the official antiX logo file?

      The attachments show the ascii art in the current version of neofetch and my attempts with the too small antiX logo files that I found so far.


        You might try running a bitmap trace in Inkscape of the “too small” logo you have. That will give you something that you can scale. This likely will not give you a satisfactory image for use with anything else, but for converting to ASCII art, it may suffice.


          [See attachment] This might be a good starting point.


  !AnEzHuUpv9-bgts5-oQtT86lZ6u6hQ Link to the attachment that was blocked. It is an SVG trace of the antiX logo. 2-Bit.


              Thanks for your reply, Jesse. I’ll check if this works.


                Ok, so this is the result. Would you like it to replace the old ascii art?


                  The above ascii art is an improvement on the one still in the current neofetch. Here is a hand-created one that is a bit smaller but similar at


                    However, the ASCII characters do not look as good as neofetch’s built-in ‘Image Source’ function. ;)


                      @tjhSM Thanks, I used your antiX ascii art for my neofetch. Looks cool!

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                        Oooh nice :)

                        I made one too, it’s hand made based on the logo on the wallpaper, which I really like (first time in my life that I keep a default wallpaper ^_^)

                        @@@ @@@
                        ${c2}@@ ${c1}@@ @@
                        ${c2} @@@ @@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@ ${c1}@@
                        ${c2} @@ @@@@@@ @@ @@ ${c1}@@@@
                        ${c2} @@@@@ @@ @@@ @@ @@ ${c1}@@ @@
                        ${c2} @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ ${c1}@@ @@
                        ${c2} @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ ${c1}@@ @@
                        ${c2} @@@@@ @@@@ @@ @@@@ @@@ ${c1}@@ @@

                        And I also modified have this one which I didn’t make, only modified to fit a smaller screen resolution :

                        @. @@;
                        @@. @@@`
                        ${c2} .@ ${c1};@@. @@@
                        ${c2} @ @@ ${c1}@@@, :@@@
                        ${c2} @. @” ${c1}.@@@@@@+
                        ${c2} @@@@@+ ${c1}#@@@:
                        ${c2} @@. @ @@. #@: .@ ${c1}:@@@@@
                        ${c2} @” “@ @@@@@ @: @ ${c1}’@@@ ;@@’
                        ${c2} @. @. :@” @: @@ @ ${c1}@@@; `@@’
                        ${c2} @:,,@@@ @ @. @@ "@@ ${c1}.@@@'@@.
                        ${c2} “@@@` @; @ @@. ${c1};@@@

                        It’s from here :
                        (There are lots of other ASCII logos on that page)

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                          I’m going to repost the ASCII logo made by the now deleted and anonymous user above. I like this version and have been using it for a while. I do not know the creator’s name.

                          I also made an attempt at colorizing this logo that came out okay, so I’ll post two versions of that, blue and a mild white and grey.

                          Here’s a screenshot of the last one, which is what I use in my .bashrc It’s just barely colored, but I like the look. Actually, the color of the circle behind the X uses the default terminal text color, so might look different for you or be all one color.

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                          Brian Masinick

                            post #86464 shows our antiX image in the neofetch output.
                            I forget how that works. Does anyone still active remember the option
                            to pull in our antiX image instead of the Debian ASCII art?

                            Brian Masinick


                              antiX bookworm neofetch display image.png

                              One success.
                              terminology terminal with tycat backend.


                                Can make neofetch image.png stay with “loop” but don’t recommend it.

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