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      Ik gebruik linux Manjaro al vele jaren,maar ik heb nu Antix 22 geinstalleerd op een imac 71 en dat is best ok ware het niet dat ik mijn printer niet werkend krijg.
      De printer drivers voor deze printer heb ik reeds gedownload (cupswrapperHL2240D-2-0.4-2.i386.deb) en (hl2240dlpr-2.1.1-1.i386.deb) ik krijg deze drivers niet geinstalleerd.
      Wie wil mij helpen aub?Hou er aub rekening mee ik ben een Antix beginner.
      Alvast bedankt voor de hulp.


        Sorry, I don’t know dutch, I hope you can use an on-line translator and read this:

        antiX menu > Terminal

        sudo apt install

        Do not press enter and leave a space after the word “install”.
        Drag the file cupswrapperHL2240D-2-0.4-2.i386.deb from zzzfm, from the folder where you saved it, to the terminal: the file with it’s full path should appear on the terminal, at the end of the command “sudo apt install “.
        Press enter, to run that command.
        Enter your password if asked to.
        Answer any question the terminal asks during the install process (pressing the enter key accepts the default answer)
        When the install finishes, the driver should be installed.


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          Not just one deb needed.

          You can find the drivers at `
          Ensure cups is running. If you use runit need to start with service manager
          Please try the Driver Install Tool, you must run with sudo su and be online to use it.
          Only download the code from Brother site, other downloads can be corrupt.

          FAQ and Troubleshooting for linux at

          If you get a missing spool directory message just create one.

          Brother printers are excellent, the setup not quite so easy.
          You might have to go to localhost:631 and add the printer directly in cups.


            You can also use the “Driver Install Tool”. Download from here
            U kunt ook de “Driver Install Tool” gebruiken. Downloaden van hier

            Then in terminal
            Dan in de terminal

            cd ~/Downloads
            gunzip linux-brprinter-installer-*.gz 
            sudo sh linux-brprinter-installer-2.2.3-1

            It will ask for your model, type HL2240D
            Het vraagt naar uw model, type HL2240D.

            Input model name ->

            You will be asked then some questions which you answer with Y mostly

            Vervolgens worden u enkele vragen gesteld die u beantwoordt grotendeels met Y



              My printer is installed and works perfectly.
              Thank you

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