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    Brian Masinick

      In Firefox 115a brought back performance for older PCs, but you need to go to about:config
      Tested on eeePC900 (GMA900 without support WDDM, SSE2 900Mhz CPU) windows 7.

      For Debian

      Waiting for antiX 23b 32 bit for tests

      Yeah, I keep multiple personal instances of Firefox on my systems too.
      I don’t run into defects very often, at least for my pretty simple use cases, but I have reported a few over the past twenty years and they’ve been very prompt in fixing them; maybe that has something to do with the reason they work for me; I test what I’m interested in and constantly make sure they work.

      I guess I’m fortunate; I don’t have to change anything, except on occasion I’ll alter config strings – that’s typically when I run Seamonkey or Palemoon though; I set config to have these browsers behave as Firefox does.

      The same applies to the distributions I regularly use; I test them, and while defects for my use cases are not common, once again I test early, often, and share any unexpected findings, with explanations how to replicate the behavior. These things make a significant difference.

      Brian Masinick


        It is not related to browser errors. Support for legacy technologies moved to about:config

        Brian Masinick

          It is not related to browser errors. Support for legacy technologies moved to about:config

          I understand; thanks for confirming this.

          Brian Masinick


            Fast work on old PC (without OpenGL 3+ graphics card), Firefox 115

            gfx.webrender.all – false
            gfx.webrender.enabled – false
            gfx.webrender.unaccelerated-widget.force – true
            widget.non-native-theme.webrender – false
            dom.ipc.processCount – 1
            layers.async-pan-zoom.enabled – false
            fission.autostart – false
            security.sandbox.gpu.level – 0
            general.smoothScroll – false
            security.sandbox.content.level – 0
            layers.acceleration.force-enabled – true
   – false



              Autumn is the best time to build packages with fresh browsers for old CPUs ๐Ÿ™‚

              i rebuild last 102-esr firefox for cpu with sse1 only (like intel p-2/3)

              Because hole in libvpx was be found after 102.15.1 release and repair only in 115-esr i try patch builded in firefox libvpx himself like in patch for buster libvpx security fix

              builded ff 102.15.1 for debian-9 family OS and besause in debian-9 some library too old i rebuilded its from buster

              and for comfortable use ff for old machines – tried make from grey_rat tips and advice simple package with preferences. if after firefox install this package then new config (/home/user/.mozilla/firefox) get some settings from /usr/lib/firefox-esr/firefox.cfg with grey_rat tips

              libwebp and libvpx for debian-9 family os rebuild from buster security too

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                and i try build 32.4.1 palemoon (fresh version without libwebp and libvpx hole), but i can build only 32.5 alpha… but it work in my pentium-3 good too


                  and palemoon (fresh version without libwebp and libvpx hole), but i can build only 32.5 alphaโ€ฆ

                  Hello @user2022,

                  I am trying out your 32.5a build. Very nice. I can watch youtube on the browser without buffering on this old 2003 desktop with only 742 M ram using antiX23 x32 runit base. Although CPU is 100% in order to play the video.

                  I am posting from this browser.

                  Thank you for sharing.

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                    For PaleMoon, you can use the VLC plugin on the page of the mobile version of the YouTube. Together with the expansion of ViewTube, this will give good performance

                    ViewTube extension
                    or userscript (greasemonkey-3.31.4 for pm
                    Embed video with – Embed
                    and play as/with – VLC
                    Select the definition – High (720) or Low (360)
                    Open Page Link – Off

                    VLC plugin

                    Mobile YouTube
                    or desktop

                    extension YouTube Mobile for desktop
                    or userscript

                    for ublock filters (
           none !important)

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                      try rebuild from download like “palemoon-release”
                      for example if need language-pack


                        rebuilt fresh version of basilisk and palemoon for debian9+ family
                        on my p-III its work ๐Ÿ™‚

                        and built firefox-115 for debian9
                        But it want sse2 because of rustc to old and suit only for firefox-102…



                          I built qt5.15 for an old distribution (debian 9 family) for the /opt directory since it doesn’t break the system version of Qt (5.7).
                          Multimedia and widgets GUI work fine.
                          But Qtwebengine did not work on my old P-3 CPU (with out sse2).
                          I tried building Qtwebkit 5.212 and it worked.
                          But Qtwebkit doesn’t work well on modern sites. I tested webkit on latest Otter-Browser. Otter seems ligther that palemoon but works worse on new sites ๐Ÿ™
                          It would be cool if Qtwebengine will be worked…
                          But Qtwebengine 5.15 use chromium v83-v87 engine. And original chromium v35+ does not work on a processor with out sse2 ๐Ÿ™

                          I found interesting site about use CentOS Linux 8.5 for 32bit i586.
                          And found Qtwebengine patch for old CPU:
                          qt5-qtwebengine-5.15.6-1.el8.1.src.rpm (eliminated SSE2 requirement sprinkled all over) (WARNING: includes whole Chromium source; the archive is large) (Note: you still need SSE emulation kernel, since JIT of V8 JavaScript engine assumes DOUBLE_FLOAT register is available on all platforms)

                          I took patches from src.rpm and rebuild Qtwebengine with this patches…
                          I tested Qtwebengine with simplebrowser (from Qt example)
                          But it did not help me. It did not work – gray screen and error ๐Ÿ™

                          Maybe… Has anyone seen any information about using qtwebengine or chromium like v80-87 on a processor with out sse2? Or patch?



                            Happy New Year!

                            28 Dec 2023 NetSurf 3.11 released :
                            NetSurf 3.11 features improved page layout with CSS flex support. It also features many other optimisations and enhancements. We recommend all users upgrade to NetSurf 3.11.


                            I tried building 3.11 for debian 9 family linux like antix 17 or devuan ascii

                            framebuffer version run as
                            netsurf-fb -f x -w 1020 -h 650
                            but international fonts not work for me ๐Ÿ™

                            Brian Masinick

                              I’m not running the latest version, but I did download Netsurf 3.10 Gtk and it works on this site.
                              For me, I don’t need this browser because my two newest systems have more than enough resources
                              to work with even the heaviest browsers, but I’ll keep this in mind for my older systems.

                              In any case I’m sure there are many users in this forum who can fully benefit from this,
                              so thank you for sharing this with us!

                              Brian Masinick



                                new version of PM

                                it worked on my P-III


                                  I have tested Otter browser which is very light and working almost acceptable with most of sites. It can install via package management.

                                  sudo apt install otter-browser

                                  More info from the browser:


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