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      It is NEVER correct to pluralize a word in English by appending
      punctuation mark s
      _____ `s _____
      _____ s _____
      _____ ,s _____

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        English is so complicated. They even have courses in high school. Can’t graduate without passing them.

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          I like to plural with ;s
          Just shows my determination for a point with inaccurate agro keystrokes.

          Howdy Jessie.


            my favorite is (s)

            Brian Masinick

              Typically when you add an apostrophe to a word, it is to indicate a “possessive ” form (ownership), such as Brian’s computer, she’s (she is) and similar cases…

              Brian Masinick


                English is so complicated.

                English is one of the simplest languages in the world. That is why the entire world has no difficulty of learning and communicating in English.
                Making plural form of nouns is a good example. Very simple. Just try to create plural in Polish or Russian or Greek, taking just Indo-European languages, you will understand what I mean…
                In semitic languages, such as Arabic or Hebrew no suffix is added for plural but vowels change inside a noun. Just try to figure this and if there is any regularity…
                English being so simple has also a downside though for precision of expression… No declension and no conjugation as in other Indo-European languages, not speaking of wealth of diminutives.
                But who needs to express himself in a subtle way anymore, in this ‘modern’ world where language intricacies are a thing of the past and people are being dumbed down to obediently serve the wealthy class of global masters…

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                  English is one of the simplest languages in the world.

                  If we are talking about spoken English, I may agree. If we are talking about written English, it is just wrong. Written and spoken English sometimes seem different languages entirely.
                  “Apol” is written Apple. The verb READ is pronounced differently depending on if it referring to present or past action. Words that are written completely different have the exact same pronunciation. Vowels are not a stable sound, and may sound differently depending of the word. There are, for no apparent reason, double ps (like in apple), double ts, double ds, double rs, double ss, double ns, some that follow rules but many that don’t, making it impossible for someone who hasn’t memorized those words to know how to write them, and they cannot easily build them based on logic. Etc.

                  English is simple, but it lacks a good word-to-text set of rules, probably because it is so simple (and because of tradition of different nations). If they sacrificed their history and built a new set of rules for written English, which would make it more predictable and would decrease the learning curve, English would really dominate the world (now it only dominates the world because of the USA’s past and present achievements). But that wont happen, so forget about it.

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