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      I have an issue where there is consistent buzzing sounds from my plug in speakers.

      It does not matter whether I am playing media or not and the speakers keep buzzing.

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        Often a bad connection/defective shielding on the connecting cable unless you mean mains frequency noise,
        Clean and replug your connections, tap or move them to try and rule out bad connection, usually on shielding

        Plug in headphones or other speakers, if still same, socket or other device problem, if noise stops and sound good
        your external setup has a problem. First substitute cable as that is often defective and cheap to fix..

        The problem can also be internal to PC or laptop.
        should that be the case often defective solder joints or sieve capacitors, can also be a bad cable to speakers picking up
        mains frequency like an aerial. Move the cable and see if the buzzing sound changes. Make sure no cables for external
        speakers run near and parallel to mains cables.

        If you have an internal defect in mains driven external speakers get competent repair help.
        Capacitors in a power supply can kill in an instant.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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