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    I have several toaster to move data from hard drives to computer, both accept the larger spinning disk 3.5, smaller laptop drives and SSDs, but just purchased a 1tb NVMe and want to move images from my older M2 2280 NVMe.

    I do not see toasters in the market to accept the common style drives and M2 2280 NVMe, am I searching for a new tool that does not yet exist?

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    I am not certain there is one that accepts all drives.
    Better to have 2 different ones to avoid speed limitations anyway I think.

    Alternatively there are nvme enclosures that adapt to 2.5″ sata drive form factor for relatively cheap. You could then use the drives in a regular hdd dock (or from 2/3.5″ to nvme/m.2).
    Or pcie cards could be had in a similar price range and a desktop could be made into an all in one copy station.

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    Brian Masinick

    While we are on the topic of NVMe drives, I have an NVMe SSD drive on an Acer Aspire 5 model A515-55.
    I’m able to run several distributions either live from USB or install them directly. I had siduction 2021, Debian, PCLinuxOS and KDE Neon originally installed.
    I finally got the manyroads alteration of MX Linux (with the AV Linux integration) successfully installed; prior to that, I had no success with either MX Linux or antiX for some strange reason, though as noted, these other Debian derived distributions, plus PCLinuxOS (and also Mageia 8) load fine.

    In the case of antiX, I can see a “Linpus” boot menu, but after it brings up GRUB, if it’s actually loading antiX, it’s not visible. This is the first hardware in the past 15-20 years that’s had any difficulty whatsoever in functioning with either Debian, MEPIS, MX Linux, or antiX, but I have reason to believe that it’s nothing more than a video display issue. I might figure it out eventually, but if any of you fooling around with NVMe, SSD, or any other disk (or video display) quirks that you’ve figured out, I’d be interested in either learning something I may have forgotten, or get a link to some useful material that I can read and figure out what’s going on.

    Any insights, ideas, or links to useful articles are welcome and appreciated; thanks!

    Brian Masinick

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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