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      I found a script to provide tiling and cascade funtions for desktop windows use.
      The original, “” script can be found here:

      I’ve changed nothing from the original. I also set up a couple of scripts to toggle between options. These are not neccesary in order to use Just extras I created to use with needs three programs in order to work properly:
      apt-get install wmctrl xwininfo xdotool

      To use, place the Script in /usr/local/bin and make sure to make it executable.

      An Example For fluxbox menu might be:
      [exec] (Cascade) { cascade}

      And for keys:
      Control Mod4 z :ExecCommand cascade

      In ~/.fluxbox/keys (there is also a menu link to the /keys file), you can change whatever you want providing you dont try using the same key for two different uses. Only the latter will apply.

      As a side note, if you are using fluxbox you don’t need this script to “showdesktop”. Fluxbox provides for this using:
      [exec] (Show Desktop) {fluxbox-remote ShowDesktop}
      So for just showing the desktop from the menu, no scripts required!

      There are five options to the script:

      The extra scripts:
      Toggletile script, “tile” and “cascade” will toggle back and forth. script, toggle through “tile” “cascade”, and “showdesktop” (and then stopping there). There is probably a way to keep it cycling through, but I haven’t figured that out yet. Maybe getopts?:)

      The script isn’t perfect. In tile, you can see where the bottom edges overlap the taskbar. The “cascade” option is my favorite and works well. Enjoy!


        “cascade” is a great addition (much better than the alt+Tab’ing I’ve grown accustomed to using)


          Thank you! Learned a bunch getting this to work.

          Forum Admin

            This looks interesting.
            Will need to give it a go, it looks like it would fit well with the pre-installed wingrid scripts. Perhaps they could be joined together into one project pack.

            Computers are like air conditioners. They work fine until you start opening Windows. ~Author Unknown


              Yes, very handy. The only thing I couldn’t accomplish was getting the whole thing to cycle over and over every time you hit a key (tile, cascade, desktop, tile, cascade, desktop . . . .). It is beyond me to get it cycled back from desktop to tile.

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