ceni can’t see wlan

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    On this pc I had 2 antiX 64-bit releases installed and (almost) stable, 21 and 19.3. I retained 19.3 because of current workspace becoming unavailable (frozen) after saving jpg file in release 21, which does not occur with 19.3.

    I then took a chance and moved 19.3 up to 19.5, to see if the freezing occurred in this release. The install went to expectations except 19.5 refused to show on the grub menu until I had repaired the grub files from the release 21 install.

    19.5 now boots as expected, and as expected connman fails to see anything or do anything despite my running the wifi-select edit.

    But ceni selected from wifi-select does not see wlan1 that it sees when run from the release 21 install.

    How can I persuade ceni to set up wlan1 as my wlan?

    Perhaps copying the wpa_supplicant files from release 21 to release 19.5 would help? Sadly I do not know enough abut what is going on here and prefer to learn the reasons rather than stumble in the dark.

    Thanks for all answers responses and suggestions, in advance.

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