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      Hello all, just a quick question from a new user to linux…
      I have installed antiX-17 (full) a few days ago and find it very fascinating and so far an enjoyable exploration of human creativity and ingenuity,
      alas…I am at a loss to solve probably a very simple problem.
      The problem I am having is when I change the resolution in ARandR from 1920 x 1200 to a more comfortable 1024 x 768, the settings will hold only for the current session and when I shut down and restart the next day, it defaults back to 1920 x 1200…making me scramble for my glasses. O.O
      I don’t enjoy wearing glasses you see, and would rather not push my poor eyesight to its limits, unaided, as is my want. Does anyone know why my settings are not taking, permanently?

      My procedure to change the resolution is as follows,
      1) Open ARandR through the menu.
      2) Right click on the [LVDS-1] box and select a new resolution of 1024 x 768
      3) Select the menu Layout and choose Apply.
      4) I then Quit the application with the new resolution settings active (but only for the current session).

      The process I followed seemed perfectly logical to one coming from the world of windows but alas…at each restart I am left wanting.
      Any help would truly be appreciated and implemented.

      Thank you all for your time.

      Ps. Though it might not be relevant to my post, I did buy a new pillow on sale today hoping it will aid in my sleep.

      Thank you again for your time.


        Did you ‘save as’ to create a .screenlayout file, (that’s all I can see that might keep it, but I’m guessing).

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          Do steps 1 and 2.
          3. Layout -> Save As (Choose a suitable name and location. I suggest screen_resolution and save in /usr/local/bin).
          4. Select the menu Layout and choose Apply and close arandr
          5. Open a root terminal and type

          chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/

          6. In Control Centre -> Session -> User Desktop Session -> Startup tab , add this line at the bottom.


          7. Reboot
          8. At desktop you might need to turn conky off and on

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            hello usteppedinit
            “Screen Layout Editor” is the gui reference for ARandR.
            This is a very informative post addendum for running antiX. How can a genuine extension of documentation be marked as a post worthy of wiki? a keeper. and referenced as arandr or screen layout editor? Thanks for this information , anticapitalista. The only current result for arandr or screen layout… comes up in “how to..” for commandline apps, screen. so for forum search purpose is interjected here the words screen layout editor. and adding tags to posts like your answer?

            Brian Masinick

              It would be wonderful to get more information in the Wiki on any topics of interest. Anyone who is familiar with specific commands or applications is welcome to contribute. I’ve helped with some information on the Wiki in the past. Generally speaking, anyone who has knowledge and is willing to construct clean, understandable, proof-read and accurate documentation is welcome (and encouraged) to do so.

              Brian Masinick


                “How can a genuine extension of documentation be marked as a post worthy of wiki? a keeper.”

                In the short-term, threads like this one could be moderator-moved into “Tips-n-Tricks” subforum.

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