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      Recently Brian wrote a good Keyboard is expensive. One below is in intensive use more than 3 user years.
      One user is pro works on computer all day. All Happy.
      And yes it is not as quiet as wobbly rubberdome. With a bit of searching Red and Brown key variants can be found.

      RisoPhy mechanical Gaming-Keyboard,RGB 104 Key mechanical with Blue Keys is excellent Costs in EU about
      30 Euro and is splashproof. Differnt layouts are available. Comes with a keycap removal tool.
      All the caps from a dirty sticky chocolate and cake smeared kids keyboard survived a dishwasher cleaning.
      Best take a foto before removing all the caps, refitting from memory can be fun… I had the luxury of a
      second one to compare with.
      I really like the backlit keys.

      My expensive Logitech with Cherry switches proved not at all splash resistant although claimed to be.
      and had no backlighting.

      To be complete: Tecknet Wireless Mice are cheap and proving really good. Lasting much better than recent logitech.
      Battery life exceptional.

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      Brian Masinick

        @xunzi_23 “RisoPhy mechanical Gaming-Keyboard” … is excellent Costs in EU about
        30 Euro and is splashproof.”

        That is really good to know. I agree that if someone wants a really good
        keyboard, there is no substitute for a mechanical one.

        I’m not sure what the current exchange rate is, but this is an encouraging
        post and I will look into the possibility of “affordable” around me.

        Thank you!

        Brian Masinick

        Brian Masinick

          The Chicago Tribune (not very close to me, but still in the USA), wrote:
          “As we’ve noted, mechanical keyboards are not all that economical. This is one area where paying more is recommended because you’ll wind up with a longer-lasting keyboard with higher-quality switches. That said, you should be able to pick up a decent quality keyboard starting at around $30, although most run in the $50 to $100 range. The price goes up from there for keyboards with more advanced features or ergonomic designs.”

          A $30 keyboard IS affordable; thank you again @Xunzi_23!
          Tom’s Hardware has a couple mechanical keyboards in the range
          we’re discussing, and one BUDGET keyboard @ just under $20 US!

          I probably will not be getting one, but it’s good to know in
          case things change!

          Thanks again for raising my awareness; hopefully others can also benefit from this!

          Brian Masinick

          Forum Admin

            Ugh. Keyboard. Gotta pull the keyboard on the T530 to change a ram stick and do the same to t430 to get the ram stick.

            Salvation army and Goodwill are my friends for computer peripherals like keyboard and mice.

            1 gaming keyboard I got from there cost me about 4 bucks. I find that older PS1 keyboards are sturdier than newer usb ones.
            Usb to PS1 Adapters are $1.08 on USA ebay from china.

            I put ship worldwide for free link.

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            Brian Masinick

              “Salvation army and Goodwill”: good places, though I usually bring my
              older belongings TO one of them; I suppose I could be a buyer too, but
              though I’m definitely NOT rich, I have sufficient means to buy end of
              life or slightly refurbished new or barely used equipment, but that’s
              just the way I’m wired; each person has to make their own decisions.

              Brian Masinick

              Brian Masinick

                When my children were growing up, I had equipment, but it
                was often used or donated stuff that I made into something
                useful; in fact that’s one reason I got into antiX, and
                DEFINITELY why I stayed: I had TWO 32-bit systems well after
                2010, probably up to 2016-2017 timeframe. It got so that
                only antiX and one or two others ran on them; fortunately
                they WORKED well!

                Brian Masinick


                  Hi Brian the keyboard is easy to get from in US.

                  cheaper than here in EU as usual.

                  Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, RGB 104 Keys Ultra-Slim LED Backlit USB Wired Keyboard with Blue Switch,
                  Durable Abs Keycaps/Anti-Ghosting/Spill-Resistant Computer Keyboard for PC Mac Xbox Gamer
                  Save $3.00 with coupon

                  Mouse, same as my favorite, I never turn it off and still batteries last ages.

                  TECKNET Wireless Mouse, 2.4G USB Computer Mouse with 6-Level Adjustable 3200 DPI, 30 Months Battery, Ergonomic Grips, 6 Buttons Portable for PC, Chromebook, Mac – Grey
                  Visit the TECKNET Store

                  Grey $7.99 with 20 percent savings -20%
                  Other colors $9.99

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                    I think keyboards are quite personal, I dislike those that have number pads, but do have one, (it’s a wireless combo that I tend to use when messing around installing & testing various computers & O/S, it’s easier to just unplug that little USB wireless receiver than a full keyboard & mouse), but my ‘best’ are a pair of CIT KB738, cost me £10 each, several years ago.

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                    Brian Masinick

                      As far as laptop keyboards are concerned, in my experience Lenovo has some of the best at least on Thinkpad models because they inherited the design from IBM, a business machine company that made typewriter equipment long before computer systems.

                      IBM sold their entire PC line to Lenovo many years ago and while not all of the Lenovo stuff is great, most of it is of good to very good quality, at least the products that I have used.

                      Brian Masinick

                      Brian Masinick

                        Also what @fatmac says is true. Devices are personal. What’s best for one person is not necessarily the same for everyone.

                        Brian Masinick

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