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    I noticed that the installer has a nice, clear GUI feature to choose which services to enable at startup; however, the button on the Control Center opens a console program with multiple rows for each service. I didn’t see anywhere a guide for describing what each row of Xs are and what happens when disabling each specific row. So, I’m wondering if it is feasible to adapt the code for the GUI from the installer?

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    man sysv-rc-conf
    ^—- “sysv-rc-conf” is the utility called by ControlCenter.
    Yeah, it’s PITA to understand what each row represents. Many of the displayed names are truncated

    You can install a package named “bum” (Bootup Utility Manager). Its GUI provides a description for each listed item.

    Here’s the most complete “reference list of startup services + descriptions” among my bookmarks:
    ubuntu wiki::InitScriptHumanDescriptions
    (this same page might even be linked from BUM’s Help}About dialog)

    If someone reading this knows of another page which provides a comprehensive “service names + descriptions” list, please post the link.


    My favourite configuration tool for startup services is rcconf, which can be installed from the repos. In order to show a description for each service you have to run the command “sudo update-rcconf-guide” once before running rcconf.


    Thanks, these both look good, and no additional dependencies for either. I went with rcconf @22kb

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