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    already flashed firmeware of acer c720 chromebook, took some time to configure Antix 19, work very well, but the keyboard of chromebook is different from regular PC/laptop, so follow below to remap function keys, all functions keys remapped except “brightness” up and “brightness down”.

    No idea how to do next, your help would be appreciated. Thanks!



    In Control Centre, on the Hardware tab, there is a button for Backlight Brightness, that will open a window to adjust brightness.

    Will that work for you? If not, maybe you could program it in the keys file. backlight-brightness –help will show you the commands.

    I’ve never needed to do that myself. It always just works on my laptops using the normal keys for that laptop.

    $ backlight-brightness --help
    Usage: backlight-brightness [options] [step-value]
    Interactively adjust the brightness of the backlight from within a terminal.
    Step value:
       +10   increase brightness by 10 percent
       -17   decrease brightness by 17 percent
      -c --color <scheme>  Set color scheme.  Valid schemes:
                               high, dark, low, low2, bw
      -g --get             Print out the current brightness percentage then exit
      -h --help            Show this usage
      -p --pause           Pause and wait for <Enter> after an error
      -s --set   <value>   Set the brightness percentage to <value> then exit

    So you could try lowering and raising it in a terminal

    backlight-brightness -25
    backlight-brightness +25

    If that works, you could reprogram a key in the keys file to run that command or put an icon on your toolbar to do it

    PS: in the picture, the black man window on the right side is for a similar but different command, so please ignore that

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    A very quick search in the forum would have brought you to a previous answer I gave to someone wanting the exact same thing.

    If you have already configured the FN key as indicated in the link you posted, and you are using IceWM:

    For the increase/decrease brightness, add this piece of code to your keys file (I am assuming IceWM, with the file located in ~/.icewm/keys)

    ###Set brightness
    key "XF86MonBrightnessDown" backlight-brightness -10
    key "XF86MonBrightnessUp" backlight-brightness +10

    Save, restart IceWM session and see if it works.

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