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    I have been using Chromium for around six month, (as the newer versions of Firefox frequently hangs on my i686).

    At most (maybe 90%), but not all, webpages, the ‘dropdown links’ do not work, nothing happens when clicking them.

    (In case they are not called ‘dropdown links’, I mean the the alternatives, that fold down when hovering the mouse over a heading/headline in the top of the webpage. For example, on this page, when hovering the mouse over ‘Forum’, the links ‘Recent posts’, ‘Latest topics’, etc, folds down.)

    Java is supposed to be installed, at least according to Synaptic.

    Any suggestions ?

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    Do you have an example of a non working one? As we can guess a working example is this forum do to your use of it as an example of a drop down link.

    My immediate guess would be that there is a plug-in enabled that does not allow the scripting to run.

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    This forum actually is an example of pages, where they don’t work. The alternatives (Recent posts, latest topics, etc) do fold down, when hovering the mouse over ‘Forum’, but nothing happens when clicking on them.

    (Among the few pages, where the drop down links do work, is

    I do not have any extensions or plug-ins installed to Chromium.

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    Well, if me. I’d run Chromium in terminal and look for error messages. Then google search the error message.
    Application trouble shooting is not my forte however.

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    I have now switched to AntiX-17 ‘Heather Heyer’, but the same problem with non working drop down links persists, also with the newest version of Chromium.

    When starting Chromium from terminal, no error messages shows.

    This problem, with Chromium drop down links not working, has existed earlier as well.
    Back in December 2015, Chromium issued some kind of amendment that could be installed to Java script, which was supposed to fix the problem.
    Would it be advisable trying to install that amendment now – to a much newer version of Java ???

    Or any other suggestions?

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    a much newer version of Java ???

    Java/JRE is only involved in browser, when a page contains <applet> embedded content
    and is handled via a plugin (e.g the “IcedTea” Java plugin)

    It is javascript (aka ECMAscript) which is used across garden-variety login pages, webforms…
    and that is handled natively by the browser (e.g. firefox, chromium) or is not supported by the browser (e.g. dillo, elinks)

    Has any other Chromium user checked/confirmed the antixforum dropdown links are not clickable?
    Hmmmm, triggering the hiccup might require Swedish keyboard layout in the mix, eh?

    The alternatives (Recent posts, latest topics, etc) do fold down, when hovering the mouse over ‘Forum’, but nothing happens when clicking on them.

    You might try “shift+click” or “middle-mouse-button click” while hovering the problematic (for your Chromium) hyperlinks.



    One might want to try a Google or DuckDuckGo search, before insinuating that the members of this forum do not know what they are talking about …
    Anyone bothering to search DuckDuckGo for “Chromium drop down links not working” will find so many entries, 50 or more, that it is hard finding the same one,(from late 2015, proposing Java amendment), again.
    I did however find a newer one, from 2017 :!topic/chrome/pa4p7yIVDB0

    Having said that, I am happy to inform you that clicking the scrolling wheel actually WORKS !
    Until recently, I used a mouse with two wheels that couldn’t be clicked, so I have not even thought of that one.
    SOLVED, Thank you !!!

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