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    Like many other, I believe, I use CLI Package Manager to update my system. Love its simplicity and speed. There is a detail, though, I think could be improved.
    The application keeps in memory the final info from the last upgrade process and shows it on the next run just above the Main Menu even if it’s not accurate anymore (e.g. ‘no pending upgrades’, even if there are upgrades pending – or the other way around). Only after running the entry/command ‘Update package index’ does the app show accurate info.
    Similarly, at the end of the upgrading process the app still shows the entry ‘View or perform x upgrades now’ on the Main Menu just above ‘Quit’. Again, by running ‘Update package index’ all info gets corrected.
    This may get a bit confusing for new users.
    From what a can see, if the app would automatically run ‘Update package index’ (apt-get update) immediately before showing the first “screen” and again at the end of the process before showing the last “screen” everything would run exactly as expected.

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