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      This may (or may not) seem a bit odd, but here it goes.

      I downloaded and installed antiX Linux full because I am not too good at the ‘antiX core’ cli mode. Is there a way, once I have installed and setup all the packages I am interested in, to have the system boot into cli instead of the desktop?

      If I am not mistaken, startx will get me back to the desktop. Correct me if I am wrong about that.

      Oh, is this odd, or does this make any sense at all?

      Thank you.


        At the login screen, use Ctrl + Alt + F1.


          Yes you can login from tty screen or the cli instead as you call it. But i’m not sure if your ready for tty screen or have the experience just yet.

          This what I do as do not like GUI login managers.

          1. remove slim or any other login managers.
          2. make a .xintirc file in your home directory add the desktop you wish to login to for fluxbox you would add (exec fluxbox) without brackets..
          Or you could install tbsm which would get you all the antiX desktops so to say and it will list them by number.

          3. you have two choices here (auto startx or not) edit .profile file add these lines. <<<<< the below lines will auto startx after you have logged in. or you can manaully type startx don’t add the lines if so.
          if [ -z “${DISPLAY}” ] && [ “${XDG_VTNR}” -eq 1 ]; then
          exec startx


            Hi NorbyDroid,

            You must have missed this tips & tricks tutorial by anticapitalista:


            It seems to be exactly what you are looking for.

            confirmed antiX frugaler, since 2019

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