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      96. Maybe we can improve

      The “96” (blurry) that caught my attention was the RAM usage shown by conky.
      Via tweaks, should be able to get it down less than 65MB, right?

      file server
      Really, no need to boot to runlevel 5 (graphical session), right?
      IIRC, in the “show your ps_mem output” topic, anticapitalista showed a result in the 35MB range.

      set unneeded services to NOT autostart

      check via top (or htop) and/or “sudo ps -aux”
      are any unneeded “helper” processes being launched via session startup script or otherwise?

      > minutes until the mouse becomes responsive

      Might that be due to “havegd” (or whatever component that “generates entropy” for the linux random number generator)? If so, can that component be disabled or uninstalled?

      Forum Admin

        TBH – While it is great/commendable that you managed to install a full version of the most recent version of antiX on such old hardware,
        I think you should go X-less and install a core or net version (no Xorg installed). Then, RAM usage is around 30MB. You will have to use cli apps though.

        Philosophers have interpreted the world in many ways; the point is to change it.

        antiX with runit - leaner and meaner.


          Hey everyone! Apologies for the inactivity and thank you all again for the kind words and support. Well I’m definitely hooked on AntiX and have since installed AntiX on another previously inactive computer in house. It’s only about a decade only and is far faster than the initial install I did. The usability of such a lightweight OS has me very excited for all kinds of super inexpensive/creative computer builds. Somewhat discouraging in the past when you have to really shell out the $$$ on RAM to have a good time with Win10.
          Anyway, over the past few days I have been familiarizing myself with the workings of AntiX and the various software packages. I learned how to make desktop shortcuts, quite a bit about Root and the solutions for the various roadblocks not having Root privileges as a user yields, and am currently trying to get a better grip on mounts and local network file sharing. I realize now how brutally difficult it was to try and learn a new OS on a computer that is barely capable of running it as a total Linux noob. So truly, thank you all for getting things working. I’ll try to share the inxi -Fxz results this weekend.
          Right now I’m fully focused on trying to get a local network media server up and running, mainly as a repository for all my photos accessible to my other Windows 10 PCs in house. Special thanks to @skidoo @Xecure and @christophe for your guidance. So many forums have such toxicity and I had no idea what to expect jumping in as a complete beginner. You’ve supported me and made me feel welcome and I will 100% be sticking around and using AntiX going forward. Very much looking forward to learning from you all!


            Hi everybody! Thank you for your patience. I had been experiencing intermittent system lockups/freezes and decided to try an increase in RAM to remedy the issue. Success so far! I now have 512MB of RAM installed (Up from from the 128MB+64MB kit) and have yet to experience a crash/freeze/lockup in over 12 hours. @Xecure and @skidoo please see the output of the inxi -Fxz below. Worth noting that the Conky display appears to be too large on the monitor and gets cut off towards the bottom. However, absurd input lag (minutes) and other extremely debilitating issues seem to all be resolved.


              Ok here’s output 3/3

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                Here’s output 1/3 and 2/3. JPG wasn’t uploading so here they are as PDFs. Apologies for the clutter.

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                  Hi LLAP28,

                  I found your topic a little while ago and after reading all the progress, it made me very happy that you were able to install antiX and that the ISO created by @Xecure was the means that made this possible. Certainly others will need the ISO “antiX-19-legacy-bet2_386-base.iso”.

                  You can use the website to post the photos and then enter the URLs for each image. Another way to capture the images you intend to send is using the “Print Screen” key on the Rox-IceWM workspace, or accessing the Menu, Applications, Graphics, Screen Capture.

                  (Original text in Brazilian Portuguese)

                  Olá LLAP28,

                  Eu encontrei o seu tópico agora a pouco e depois de ler todo o andamento, me deixou muito contente que você tenha conseguido fazer a instalação do antiX e que a ISO criada por @Xecure tenha sido o meio que permitiu que isso fosse possível. Certamente outras pessoas precisarão da ISO “antiX-19-legacy-bet2_386-base.iso”.

                  Você pode utilizar o site para postar as fotos e depois informar as URLs de cada imagem. Outra forma de capturar as imagens que você pretende enviar é utilizando a tecla “Print Screen” na área de trabalho Rox-IceWM, ou acessando o Menu, Aplicativos, Graficos, Captura de Tela.

                  (Texto original em Português do Brasil)


                    Thank you for this tip! I’ll keep this in mind should I experience any issues in the future. I was able to upload the problem files as PDFs but if this is an issue/inconvenience for anyone, I’ll set that up and post the URLs.


                      > conky is absurdly large on the screen

                      you can easily configure a smaller size by editing ~/.conkyrc
                      TIP: while editing, leave the text editor window open. Each time you perform a SaveAs, the conky program will notice the changed file and restart itself with the new configuration parameters applied ~~ you will immediately see the result of your incremental changes.

                      Find in the file “maximum_width” and change to lesser value.
                      You might also want to lower the “gap_x” and “gap_y” values.

                      For the “upspeedgraph” and “downspeedgraph” elements:
                      30,170 …
                      The 30 here specifies the height. As a first pass test, change the value (in 4 places, for 4 the bargraphs) to 22 and SaveAs to check whether the result is now a comfortable size on your display.


                        Since your goal is to use the machine as a file server you should focus your learning on setting up a server. You can use a GUI but most file server setups are done using the command line and editing text configuration files. Since antiX is not formally designed to be a server you will need to make some modifications to antiX to “create” your server. antiX is fully capable of this application.

                        But if you want to learn more quickly about setting up servers you should explore some other distros that are specific to that application. antiX is a great tool for bringing old unused computer back into use. But file servers do not require the typical GUI used in antiX (which defaults to ROX-IceWM). I agree with anticapitalista and recommend you use the CORE version and build up from there. But this is not going to be easy for a newbie. The upside is that you will learn a lot about Linux in general. Unfortunately there is not a lot of tutorials on how to use antiX as your server OS. There are better distros for learning that application. Once you get your feet wet in those server distros you can use antiX Core to build.

                        In your newer computers it won’t matter. But on the 20+ year old equipment it will be better to not use a GUI at all. And upgrading to 512MB was a good move. I have had good success using Samba when sharing the LAN with Windows machines. FTP/SFTP has also been useful.

                        Welcome to antiX.


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