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      I have a older laptop and this distro is fantastic light and fast!
      very good job! 🙂

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        Howdy, you are welcome.

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          Welcome & Howdy from Cajun Country down in the Louisiana bayous. Many of us are using older machines and enjoy what we can do with them because of AntiX.


            Welcome. Several people told me antiX would run on my museum piece (Thinkpad T20) so it was the first machine I put the CD in and lo and behold they were RIGHT!!!!!

            My oldest computer runs my newest software at the moment. In light of current world events, that is not only amusing but amazing. 🙂

            Thank you, Antix developers and users.


              I installed AntiX-17 on a not very powerful net-book and it came back to live ! A good surprise, many thanks.
              I got some trouble to get it working with a Belkin bluetooth dongle, but with the help of the Debian Wiki I succeeded to connect it with a radio receiver.


                Hello and welcome to the forum.

                Yep Antix runs great and works well on most computers.

                I use it on several of my 8 year old and 10 year old computers.

                Some of these when compared with todays specs are very low power although Antix makes them fly.

                Ain’t no point buying new computers when you have computers that are very capable of still doing what you need to do.



                  I have to agree with everyone here. I recently got a bunch of old laptops (between 1998-2005) and AntiX is the perfect candidate for bringing them back to life ! So much fun running up-to-date software on 10+ years old hardware, you get to understand that with the right OS you don’t need newer hardware to do most things. (Also, it flies on my 2013 desktop build). Wishing all the best to the AntiX team and community. 🙂

                  Brian Masinick

                    I recently dumped two of my oldest 32-bit laptops; prior to that I’d been using them quite often for testing, but less and less as my 64-bit Dell Inspiron 5558 blew the others away from a performance standpoint. Now even the 5558 is beginning to age a bit – I seldom have brand new equipment except “on the job”, where I rarely have the freedom to choose what I use, but I have been blessed a few times to have Linux back end servers FINALLY at my disposal.

                    Welcome to our community! Enjoy antiX!

                    Brian Masinick

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