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      ${execi 2 xset q | grep Caps | fold -s -w25  > /tmp/Caps.txt}\
      ${execpi 2 sed -n '1p' /tmp/Caps.txt}
      ${goto 10}${execpi 2 sed -n '2p' /tmp/Caps.txt}
      ${goto 14}${execpi 2 sed -n '3p' /tmp/Caps.txt}

      This Works! So, the question I have is how is this different in terms of resources considering Conky still has to make the call every two seconds regardless?


        And one more tidbit thats pretty cool.
        A “todo” list
        make a new text file in ~/home named todo.

        Write your list starting on the second line.

        ${color2}${font DejaVu Sans:size=9}TODO: $alignr${execi 320 cat ~/todo}
        To your conkyrc

        **NOTE If your conky is getting cut off, try adding:
        ${voffset 800}
        to the bottom of your conky.

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          hello sleekmason
          key Num state.
          It was not Dave at antix. found the key state conky that I was seeking. Started with code from a previous version of conky. jedi of vsido passed this along:

          # by Crinos512
          echo "\${font xirod:Bold:size=6}NUM: \${exec xset q | grep Num |awk '{print " "\$8}'}  \${font}"
          echo "\${font xirod:Bold:size=6}CAPS: \${exec xset q | grep Caps |awk '{print " "\$4}'}  \${font}"

          and some leading me toward learning, PackRat and jedi persuaded the practice into this possibilty:

          ${color}key ${color7}state active
          ${color7}NumLock     ${exec xset q | awk '/Caps/ {print $8}'}
          ${color7}Caps Lock   ${exec xset q | awk '/Caps/ {print $4}'}

          appears in conky like this:

          Thinking this is a simple way to structure an example; can envision formatting output to conky from a single exec. And it came with helpful reference to alternate methods still to be dissected in commands grep sed cut and? more to learn.


            hello sleekmason nd everyone
            Wish to thank you all antix forum for the “more to learn” includes getting past the focus of that working method and discovering the import / export to temp presented here.
            Not knowing best practice in the big picture of application to something besides conky; I don’t yet know the difference between mild, practicable, or overkill to choose a method.
            I do wish to thank you all for being helpful with offering your participation with this key state idea in the conky platform and for your instruction about big linux.


              hello sleekmason and everyone
              the standard: stuff shuffled antix conky .
              added: kernel, wlan0 ssid and strength, keyboard indicator
              .[ Just finished kernel change from 4.10.5 TO 4.9.83 ]
              the resolution represents two displays that overlap. 1280X800 and 1152X864.


                Howdy ile!

                Looking good! The single line solutions to parse caps and scroll lock are outstanding!

                Did you see this post earlier?

                In the screenshot check out the bars for mem and swap:)

                ${color}Ram:${alignr}$mem ${color2}  /${color} $memmax
                ${membar 4} 
                ${color}Swap:${alignr}$swap ${color2} /${color} $swapmax
                ${swapbar 4}

                Also, I noticed the antiX url . . reminder? or maybe “current site browsed”?


                  hello sleekmason
                  the antix forum location
                  not a monitor; text; promotional;
                  plus it is a holdover “reminder” yes from when the forum location changed.


                    Ok, My conky has been cobbled together over the years. Its not perfect by any stretch, as I don’t actually know much linux stuff, just learning as I go. A good example being that /tmp doesn’t need to write to the disk. So here is a pic of it in its current form, and the conky code itself. I’ll put the scripts it runs in a tar file…

                    PS: something that I realized, my xbattbar is modified to be able to output a file for the script called by conky to grab the latest value from, and the maintainer never never replied, so I need to come up with a way to distribute that for the battery section to work well. I’m also changing the scripts to use files in /tmp when files are used.

                    I tried to fix the image so you can see the whole thing, but it posted a 2nd picture instead of replacing the first one. Oh well, if anyone knows how, delete both and I’ll try again with an even smaller one….

                    I added the tar file. You need to have xget, curl and xbattbar, as well as conky installed for this to work. My xbattbar programs (source included) are compiled on an _x64 system, but I don’t know if that matters. Someone like Dave or Skidoo that know what they are doing should look at my code before you guys try to run it, as like I said, I am no linux guru, and can barely tread water. That means I tried, but no warranty 🙂 Ok, the website won’t allow a .tgz file, so I have renamed it to .zip to try that. If that works, you will need to rename it back to .tgz to unextract and install it.

                    Sorry, I would remove the pics and try smaller ones, but can’t figure out how…

                    # Update interval in seconds
                    update_interval 5
                    text_buffer_size 6000
                    max_specials 600
                    # set to yes if you want Conky to be forked in the background
                    background yes
                    short_units yes
                    cpu_avg_samples 2
                    net_avg_samples 2
                    out_to_console no
                    # X font when Xft is disabled, you can pick one with program xfontsel
                    #font 7x12
                    #font 6x10
                    #font 7x13
                     font 8x12
                    #font 7x12
                    #font **
                    #font -*-*-*-*-*-*-34-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
                    #font -artwiz-snap-normal-r-normal-*-*-100-*-*-p-*-iso8859-1
                    # Use Xft?
                    use_xft yes
                    # Xft font when Xft is enabled
                    xftfont Sans:size=10
                    # Create own window instead of using desktop (required in nautilus, pcmanfm and rox desktops)
                    own_window yes
                    own_window_type desktop
                    own_window_transparent yes
                    own_window_hints undecorated,sticky,skip_taskbar
                    # Text alpha when using Xft
                    xftalpha 0.8
                    #on_bottom no
                    # mail spool
                    #mail_spool $MAIL
                    # Use double buffering (reduces flicker, may not work for everyone)
                    double_buffer yes
                    # Minimum size of text area
                    minimum_size 445 869
                    maximum_width 545
                    # Gap between borders of screen and text
                    # x = distance from right edge
                    # y = distance from top edge
                    gap_x 15
                    gap_y 1
                    # Draw shades?
                    draw_shades no
                    # Draw outlines?
                    draw_outline no
                    # Draw borders around text
                    draw_borders no
                    # Stippled borders?
                    stippled_borders 0
                    # border margins
                    #border_margin 10
                    # border width
                    border_width 2
                    # color scheme
                    color0 black
                    color1 red
                    color2 green
                    color3 yellow
                    color4 blue
                    color5 magenta
                    color6 cyan
                    color7 white
                    # hot pink
                    #color8 #FF078B
                    # flourecent orange
                    #color9 #FF9C07
                    # Default colors and also border colors
                    default_color white
                    default_shade_color white
                    default_outline_color white
                    # Text alignment, other possible values are commented
                    #alignment top_left
                    alignment top_right
                    #alignment bottom_left
                    #alignment bottom_right
                    # Add spaces to keep things from moving about?  This only affects certain objects.
                    use_spacer right
                    # Subtract file system buffers from used memory?
                    no_buffers yes
                    # set to yes if you want all text to be in uppercase
                    uppercase no
                    # boinc (seti) dir
                    # seti_dir /opt/seti
                    # stuff after 'TEXT' will be formatted on screen
                    ${font Sans:size=16}${color #FF078B}${nodename}  ${font Sans:size=10}${color2}Op/Sys: ${color}${head /etc/antix-version 1}\
                    ${color2}Kernel: ${color}$sysname $kernel \
                    ${color2}Batt: ${color}${battery_short BAT0}-${execi 10}\
                    ${if_match "${battery_short BAT0}" >= "D"}${if_match "${battery_short BAT0}" < "E"}${if_match ${battery_percent BAT0} <= 33}\
                    ${if_match ${battery_percent BAT0} >= 1}${execi 10 lowbattery}${endif}${endif}${endif}${endif}
                    ${color2}CpuAvg: ${color}${freq_g}Ghz ${machine} - ${color}${cpu}%  ${color2}Temp: ${color}${acpitemp}'C\
                    ${color2}  Automount: ${color}${execi 120 grep -q "^automount=TRUE" $HOME/.desktop-session/automount.conf 2>/dev/null && echo "On" || echo "Off"}  \
                    ${color2}Display: ${color}${execi 120 xdpyinfo | sed -n -r "s/^\s*dimensions:.*\s([0-9]+x[0-9]+).*/\1/p"}
                    ${color2}  Cpu 1: ${color}${cpu cpu1}% \
                    ${if_match ${cpu cpu1} <= 50}\
                    ${color green}${cpubar cpu1 9}\
                    	${if_match ${cpu cpu1} <= 80}\
                    ${color orange}${cpubar cpu1 9}\
                    ${color red}${cpubar cpu1 9}\
                    ${color2}  Cpu 2: ${color}${cpu cpu2}% \
                    ${if_match ${cpu cpu2} <= 50}\
                    ${color green}${cpubar cpu2 9}\
                    	${if_match ${cpu cpu2} <= 80}\
                    ${color orange}${cpubar cpu2 9}\
                    ${color red}${cpubar cpu2 9}\
                    ${color2}Ram : ${color}$mem${color}/${color}$memmax ${color}- $memperc% \
                    ${if_match ${memperc} <= 50}\
                    ${color green}${membar 9}\
                    	${if_match ${memperc} <= 80}\
                    ${color orange}${membar 9}\
                    ${color red}${membar 9}\
                    ${color2}Home:/home:${color} ${fs_free /home}Free ${color}= ${fs_free_perc /home}%       \
                    ${if_match ${fs_free_perc /home} < 10}\
                    ${color red}${fs_bar 9 /home}\
                    ${if_match ${fs_free_perc /home} < 3}${execi 60 lowspace /home}${endif}\
                    	${if_match ${fs_free_perc /home} < 20}\
                    ${color orange}${fs_bar 9 /home}\
                    ${color green}${fs_bar 9 /home}\
                    ${if_match ${acpitemp} > 77}${execi 60 hightemp}${endif}\
                    ${color2}eth0 IP: ${color}${addr eth0} ${color2}WiFi wlan0: ${color}${wireless_essid wlan0} ${color2}IP:${color} ${addr wlan0} ${color2}spd: ${color} ${wireless_bitrate wlan0} ${color2}strength: ${color3} ${wireless_link_bar 9 wlan0}
                    ${color2}Processes: ${color}$processes  ${color2}Running: ${color}$running_processes ${color2}Uptime: ${color}$uptime   ${color2}
                    ${color3}CPU%  MEM%   PID      Program
                    ${color}${top cpu 1} ${top mem 1} ${top pid 1}  ${top name 1}
                    ${color}${top cpu 2} ${top mem 2} ${top pid 2}  ${top name 2}
                    ${color}${top cpu 3} ${top mem 3} ${top pid 3}  ${top name 3}
                    ${color}${top cpu 4} ${top mem 4} ${top pid 4}  ${top name 4}
                    ${color}${top cpu 5} ${top mem 5} ${top pid 5}  ${top name 5}
                    ${color3}${execi 120 ": Headlines, Current Weather and 7 Day Forecast"}
                    ${color}${execi 120 10 2}
                    # Parameter KORD is National Weather Service code for OHare Airport based on
                    # codes found at
                    ${font Sans:size=10}${color3}${execi 300 KORD}
                    # Parameter il/ilz014.txt is National Weather Service directory and filename for Chicago zone area based on
                    # codes found at
                    ${font Sans:size=8}${color}${execi 300 il/ilz014.txt}
                    ${font courier:bold:size=15}${color3}                     ${time %a} ${time %b} ${time %d} ${time %Y}
                    ${color3}${font courier:bold:size=13}${execpi 1200 DJS=<code>date +%_d</code>; cal | sed '1d' | sed -e 's/[\x5F]//g' | sed -e 's/[\x08]//g' | sed '2s/^/\${color}/' | sed 's/^/                         /g' | sed s/"\(^\|[^0-9]\)$DJS"'\b'/'\1${color2}'"$DJS"'$color'/}
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                    • This reply was modified 6 years, 1 month ago by BobC.
                    • This reply was modified 6 years, 1 month ago by BobC.

                      That weather is an easy add! Thank you!

                      For those that just want the weather, take the from Bob’s /usr/local/bin, put it in yours, and change the permissions to make it executable.
                      Add this line to your conkyrc:

                      ${color2}${execi 300 KORD | fold -s -w29}

                      You will need to change KORD to your own airport weather code. Not sure the codes are only for airports. Mine was. The directions are in Bob’s Conky.

                      I changed the above conkyrc code to match the existing antiX conky style, and added a fold in order to have it all fit. Don’t know if less info can be displayed . . My airport had less info than KORD did:) Nice addition.-

                      ***FYI, If you comment line 45, and uncomment line 46 of, the result will be better readability

                      	#locationx=$(from_xml "location")
                          location="$(echo "$locationx" | cut -f1 -d",")"
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                      • This reply was modified 6 years, 1 month ago by sleekmason.
                      • This reply was modified 6 years, 1 month ago by sleekmason.

                        The neat one is the 7 day forecast. See how I shrunk it to fit?

                        Yah, I like that one as well but ran out of room! Tomorrow I’m going to separate a few items out and make two or three separate windows.

                        I probably went through 10 downloads scouring the internet for a conky weather that would work. Thank you:)


                          At line 67/68 its pretty well marked in Change the width from 80 to 29 and the number of line to the maximum you can fit. You can probably squeeze in today and tomorrow, anyway. They could probably be passed from the conky as a parameter, or just strung along in the conky code like you did with the current conditions

                          		# wrap text for 80 char wide display, limit to 23 lines of output
                          		fold -s -w 80 /tmp/getweather7d.tmp90.txt | sed -e '23,$d' > /tmp/getweather7d.tmp99.txt
                                                     ^^                                       ^^                                  

                            Created a super easy conky weather in text format. No icons, fonts, or anything else to mess with but a single file to change location, and an addition to your .conkyrc.

                            Based off of accuweather rss-1 from here:

                            This weather script gives the current condition plus 2 days forecast. Updates every 10 minutes.

                            The file to place in your /home folder from the is .weather, a hidden file, so when you don’t see it, enable hidden files.

                            Info: Inside .weather you will find the file “1d” Two additional files are created when calling “1d”, “weather_raw” and “weather”.
                            Conky will read from ~/.weather/weather.

                            1. Move .weather to $HOME (i.e. /home/sleek/.weather)

                            2. Open the file “1d” inside .weather and change your zipcode where indicated. If in locations other than USA, please refer to the link above for directions.

                            3. Open your .conkyrc file using either the antiX control center or your favorite text editor.

                            Copy this to the bottom of your conky and save:

                            ${color2}${execi 600 $HOME/.weather/1d}
                            ${color2}${execi 600 cat $HOME/.weather/weather | fold -s -w29} 

                            Would love to have the more elegant method for calling the script with conky . . .(one liner?), and any other code changes others may suggest.

                            Thats it! Just another weather option.

                            Brian Masinick

                              You guys are GREAT! For as many years as I’ve been doing this stuff, Conky is one tool that, if I have experimented with it at all, it has been very limited. On antiX, any changes I’ve done have been limited to whatever you can select or modify in a menu.

                              That said, once you understand the configuration language, you are all set, and it definitely looks like you guys have conquered this.
                              Congratulations! 🙂

                              Brian Masinick


                                Thanks for the link to bunsens lab, here is a work in progress, using some of Teo’s code



                                Every matter requires prior knowledge.

                                - Du Mu
                                The Art of War


                                  Howdy ohh,

                                  When you get it where you want it will you post a copy? Looks pretty cool! For some reason, I can never get all the goods to work right for me and wind up just going back to text to keep it simple. <– That’s with the weather . . haven’t even touched the moon stuff:)

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