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    If someone who has an account in the MX forum and write permission can link here, I could recreate his problem (or that of his brother). Under certain circumstances no output of the parameters to eth0 actually appears.

    Since his brother uses a desktop and only eth0 is available as network interface, I would suggest to simplify the whole network code:

    ${font Sans:Bold:size=10}${color5}NETWORK ${color3}${hr 3}${color}
    ${font Sans:size=9}External IP ${alignr}Local IP 
    ${texeci 3600 curl -w '\n'}${alignr}${addr eth0}
    ↑ UP: ${upspeed eth0} ${alignr} ${totalup eth0}
    ${upspeedgraph eth0 20,290  FFBF00 FFBF00 -t -l}
    ↓ Down: ${downspeed eth0} ${alignr} ${totaldown eth0}
    ${downspeedgraph eth0 20,290  00FF00 00FF00 -t -l}

    Thank you very much!

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