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      Hi everyone,
      Recently installed antiX and I’m loving it, except for one problem. The Connman GUI interface says that connman is unavailable even though when I check via the command line connman/connmand is running.

      How can I get the GUI to recognise connman again? It’s more convenient for me to use the GUI to set up WiFi than the command line.

      I’ve tried restarting both the GUI and connmand but it’s not having an effect.


        Hi, ciphercat. What version of antiX?
        If running runit init, make sure that connman is running with
        sudo sv status connman
        If using sysvinit, check connman’s status:
        sudo service connman status

        If connman is running, then force stop the connman cmst gui:
        sudo killall cmst
        and launch it again with
        cmst -d

        My guess is that cmst launches before the connman service (so it doesn’t connect to it through dbus). We can troubleshoot this once you provide a bit more info on your system.

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      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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