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    Hi Caprea. Yes, that boot to usb option is a good one. I use 32-bit full antiX. I can post my detailed document of my steps and the errors I recd if you like but it was just a try to get wireless to work.

    Hi Brian. I don’t want to change the antiX documentation. Someone suggested to make the workaround into a how-to. I just wanted to save time for other users with wireless problems, so they don’t have to search through 5 pages of this thread for the workaround. I was hoping we could start a new topic with a title like “workaround for antiX19.1 wireless connection problem” and just post the workaround. That leaves this thread to focus on fixing connman

    Male: I apologise for being a *troll* as you call it. I am trying to be polite and upbeat. It doesn’t always come across well. Sorry, again.

    Have a good night
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    Feel free to create a new topic for a neat, short tip to get the network manager working.

    Brian Masinick


    Also, Male:
    anticapitalista suggested I start a new thread on the wireless issue that I am having :

    I suggest gf starts a new thread. Same with Cojos.
    This thread is too confusing.

    That is why there are two threads.


    Same subject Connman failure. Interesting thread.

    Why on earth do we have to follow two forums, not exactly transparent or efficient.


    @ skidoo: should have said I do not know many persistent problem cases. Interesting would be to know how many people are following the threads on troublesome issues. real numbers are difficult and why telemetry is so popular.
    As a new user trying Antix or coming from another distro to see what all the fuss is about I would not have had the incentive to work on problems, just moved on. as is the users are almost all on 17 and will stay until a stable custom iso is prepared. Two running MX, at last count 3 with Manjaro.

    I would have guessed the top pain points have been
    1) wireless configuration Mixed bag on all distros especially with broadcom cards.
    2) mounting and / or auto-mounting fixed drives As a new user not easy. Worse understanding rights issue
    3) enabling the firewall Yes, broken internet with several kernel versions.

    Problem is we are all guessing. From local experience I would add mounting phones, sound issues, cd, dvd play and autoplay, I have cd working. For dvd gave up for now but changed hardware yesterday, which is another story.

    Rights issue confuses new users, starting the file manager with sudo is new concept as is changing read write permissions for drives or folders. I tend not to allow back up or important work storage drives to be written with user rights after having an interesting experience. Windoze asks about 3 times if you really want to delete.
    User deleted weeks of work and had no backup. Pain.

    @gf yes the lady user is real, she has an auto immune disease and it is sometimes very hard to cope with her changing personality.

    Forum Admin

    Please start a new thread outlining the issues on antiX-19, otherwise it will get lost here (and thus less likely to get fixed).

    Philosophers have interpreted the world in many ways; the point is to change it.

    antiX with runit - leaner and meaner.


    Hi All.
    New thread created under “Wifi not working (antiX 19.1 Full 32-bit)”
    per instructions from anticapitalista above.

Viewing 7 posts - 76 through 82 (of 82 total)
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