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      I am writing this post from a live USB stick created using an android phone.

      I downloaded antiX 21 full to phone storage using Bromite Browser,
      which I had Installed through F Droid.
      Checked the ISO, sha256 using Hash Droid app installed from F Droid
      Wrote the Fully featured antiX bootable USB stick using an app
      called ISO 2 USB. Downloaded from APK Pure

      Set language and booted in to a fully featured antiX live experience.
      Only extra needed, a USB C to OTG adapter.
      My phone: Huawei 9XPro, a non google device with android 9.

      Depending on device USB B or C OTG adapter will be required along
      with the USB Stick for installation.

      Pls do remember to delete the ISO from phone if your space is limited.


        It is amazing what can be done.
        The only limit is your imagination!
        Just yesterday I saw a tutorial on youtube, how you can recover an old broken smartphone, attach a monitor to it, and build a wooden case.
        Keyboard bluetooth.
        The result being a desktop pc alike.
        With your idea, that would be a fantastic use of antix! 🙂


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          @madibi – the procedure that Moddit describes is for using an android device to create the USB live pendrive that allows antiX to be installed to a personal computer, not for running antiX on an android device.

          Side note – I do not know if my android devices can use an OTG to connect to and monitor – but I tested using usb pen drives and keyboard and mouse with android devices (still using their tiny screens). Currently is way cheaper to get an 10 inch (or larger) android tablet – that is OTG compatible – “decrapify” it, install LibreOffice/Collabora Office, VLC, a nice opensource file manager, PDF reader, etc, connect it to a USB hub (connected to an usb keyboad and a mouse, even a printer)
          And use it as a netbook/laptop. It’s much cheaper than buying a new computer, and it’s sufficient for the most common tasks ( web browsing, watching streaming video, play video files and do office work ) and still have access to thousands of applications. And yes, there’s even a way to run Linux on an android device, no root needed… But I never tested antiX that way!


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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