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    Brian Masinick

      To create or change your avatar, follow these steps:

      First, take an image and use your favorite tool to reduce the
      size to a thumbnail; save that Thumbnail in .png format; if
      possible, keep the size under 10 KiB.
      Gimp does not save in .png format by default, but I found
      that I could export to a file with that name;
      check other tools if this does NOT work for you.

      From the antiX Forum page, select “Change your settings”.

      Click the Browse rectangle below Avatar.

      Put your thumbnail image into .png format and insert it into a directory; I use Pictures.

      My image happens to be 96×54 and my file is called Brian-Masinick-96-54.png and it is 5.8 KiB in size.

      Do something similar, using your preferred name and it ought to work.

      Brian Masinick


        It does not work with me. I have only choice “You can change your profile picture on Gravatar.”


          @RJP – Yes, that is my experience too 🙁

          I am (also) keen to use a “Local Avatar”. I have one already chosen but really do not want to go down the Gravatar route to achieve that goal.

          Brian Masinick kindly posted the “walk-through” shown above, but my failure & subsequent “web-search investigation”, indicates that WP would need to have a
          “Third Party” plugin, for providing the capability of uploading such content to the forum server(s).

          My guess (I could be truly wrong!) is that the plugin/upload capability was available in this forum previously, with an earlier version/incarnation of WP, but not now …
          for Site Management reasons, (eg:- easy reliability, site security, etc..) – (See the 7th paragraph in this article, for that last one) “”).

          If anyone can tell me otherwise, (how to “local upload”) I would be interested to hear, but if my guess is vaguely correct, I could understand such a “Site Admin” decision …

          PS:- Thank You Team, for such a great Distro 🙂
          – thank you Brian Masinick for your help & effort(s) as one of the Moderators …
          – and also a big “Hello” from me (Justin) a new forum member, antiX user for 8 Months, now dual-booting antiX-23 with MX-23.2 , and an MX user since MX-15.

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          Justin 🙂


            Indeed, it seems that one can no longer load the image directly and I doubt to have used gravatar myself.
            The text “You do not have media management permissions. To change your local avatar, contact the site administrator.” in: ‘About yourself -> Avatar’ at is discouraging.
            “You can change your profile picture on Gravatar.”

            Also, anyone looking for instructions on how to create their own Hollywood blockbuster might be in for a disappointment…

            Brian Masinick

              I somehow have an Avatar from the depths of the forum, but I attempted to get at a few other people’s avatar entries. If you have one, I can probably see it. Take sybok, for instance; we can see an avatar – a penguin, but looking at the profile, there’s no way to change the avatar from the forum; as suggested, Gravatar looks like the way and the place – assuming it works.

              I took a fresh picture at Gravatar myself today; we’ll have to see if my avatar remains the same or if it changes to the one I placed at Gravatar.

              Brian Masinick

              Brian Masinick

                I’ve been able to alter my own gravatar but not anyone else’s image; I have mod privs but I haven’t dug into the depths of the capabilities recently, so maybe another admin may have more wisdom in this matter; if so, we’re all ears.

                Enjoy antiX 23.1; it’s done and available; it is VERY good!

                Brian Masinick

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