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    Testing things is so much easier with Virtualbox.

    I can download a distro, download its packages, fire them up, look at them, test them out, and if I want, copy them over to my main system and install or test them there so much more safely and easily. When I shut them down, I find that the overhead disk space wise was only a few mb because I’m usually running from the ISO. I even got my old Windows 7 to run, after literally days of updates and 66 gb of disk, but in the end it does actually work.

    I’m lucky to have lots of fast processors and memory and terrabytes of disk on this beast to do it with. I just never knew what I was missing.

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    I am virtual box dyslexic. I used to play with it long ago. When it was newly released. Around 2008
    On a old AMD shuttle box I broke later on messing with the cpu socket.

    After pen drives became cheap. I decided to roll that way instead. I know Anti is a virtual box wizard who can get a install going in minutes, not hours like me, to trouble shoot a problem on the forum.

    I display dyslexic symptoms on stuff others find easy. RPM distros, KDE. Cinnamon, Etc…..
    Which makes me lose interest right away.
    I know. Weird.

    Sometimes I drive a crooked road to get my mind straight.
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    Virtualbox has simplified the use of virtual machines quite a bit.

    Before virtualization was simplified by the creation of the VM application suites, setting up and running virtual machine software was a big deal.

    It’s a lot easier with Virtualbox and a few of the other VM applications available now.

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    If I was to suggest, what made it EASY was to set ONE up, get it working all the way, and then just CLONE it for any other ones, and just change the name and ISO file to protect the innocent


    Yes, I find VB to be very handy. I could not figure out some of the other VM tools, like KVM, etc. But VB works for me. I am able to install several OS for trials. Very handy tool.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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