Curiosity: What are the steps from Debian to antiX?

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    Brian Masinick

      A good mine of info in this thread…

      , I was thinking would it be somewhat easier if all efforts with polishing & testing were done on one iso (antiX-full) & the base & core versions were created from stripping out packages from the full version (Window managers, translations, inits, other software etc)?

      I am thinking that this way all software & translations has been already tested together, just removed from the ‘leaner’ iso’s, especially if the future releases incorporate multiple inits.

      I tend to agree with you at this point.

      There has been a lot of improvement in these builds over the past month. Working on them with the full complete software is wise until it’s almost perfected.

      Great progress during the past month

      Brian Masinick

    Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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