Cyberpunk in “anti-COVID vaccines”

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      21 minutes video by doctor Carrie Madej:
      ( )

      The touted “anti-COVID vaccine” is of a novel type, unlike any existing vaccines, and is about to:

        make you genetically modified with patented sequences, and thus make (parts of) your genome patented (= make you owned)
        inject nano-robotics, capable of AI (= Artificial Intelligence) thus connecting you to IoB (= Internet of Bodies) and making you controllable
        put an ID on you

      Do your own research

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        Do your own research

        debunked by the BBC

        Philosophers have interpreted the world in many ways; the point is to change it.

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          These vaccines are NOT of a novel type; they are small modifications to generic vaccines that were developed in 2002.



            @Uxer : do your own research, please…

            I recommend first, doing some light reading on how the scientific method works- try reading Cosmos by Carl Sagan. If you prefer listening to stuff, The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe podcast (now also a book) will give you some knowledge on how the scientific process works, and how false claims also work, how personal bias can distort our reality, etc, etc…

            I did not open the video link, nor am I likely to do so, unless I want to amuse myself the same way I do watching “Ancient Aliens” in “History” Channel…

            Carl Sagan once said (not his original idea, but popularized by him), something like: “extraordinary claims demand extraordinary proof”.

            Lets check the extraordinary claims here:

            1- Research if “anti-COVID vaccine” is of a novel type, unlike any existing vaccines”- some are of a novel type, that’s a good thing. They are faster to make…

            2- Research on how to “genetically modify” any organism. Sure, if you inject something radiotive in your body it will produce genetic mutations- cancer,

            3- Research on how patents work, all over the world- If I grab you off the street and tatoo the secret coca cola formula in your forehead against your will, do you think CocaCola Corp will own your body?

            4- Research nano-robotics – as far as I know, nothing has been produced that can be injected without the use of a very large needle, but sure, some evil corporation can be sitting on new tech advances, just waiting to enslave us all, instead of making fortunes doing more immediately lucrative stuff like curing cancer, baldness, aging, etc…

            5 – “Artificial Intelligence” – The previous statement applies. also. True artificial intelligence will be a game changer, once discovered. The group that does that will probably keep a lid on it, but also use it to amass money and power – many sci-fi novels/movies/tv series explore that possibility. For now, we are nowhere near that (as far as the scientific community knows)

            6- “connecting you to IoB (= Internet of Bodies) and making you controllable” – Lol, that’s the most hilarious claim…
            Think about that for one second- you used the Internet to post this- how does it work? You need a power supply (connection to an electric grid, or battery- how the hell do this “nanobots” get their power inside your body? Body heat? Using some insane tech to transform the lipids in your blood stream into electric power?). You need something that processes the signal to be sent/received over the network- sure, that part is not implausible, robots, and nano bots can do that) but how to send/receive the signal? No antenna, right? Using your body? Sorry, you are mostly water, not a very good medium so send radio signals.

            In a pratical stand point- many people already do have a (semi) permanent connection to the internet that enslaves, guides and tracks them- it’s called a smartphone…
            And even so, smartphone batteries keep dyeing on their users, wifi keeps coming down, gps fails sometimes, etc… How exactly would that be different on a nano scale, with less room for storing power and a nano antenas?

            7- “put an ID on you” – sorry mate, unless you do not own a smartphone, or use an ungoogled phone, you are already tagged…

            Edit: I just the tumbnail of the video on the BBC – she looks hot, I guess I’ll be watching her video after all… 🙂


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              Already had my 1st shot. You are welcome to drown in your own mucus, though. Happy Trails.

              This thread is FUD. This thread is False. I hope you don’t bury cared ones with your ideas.


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                Meanwhile across the ocean and to the south …

                Anyone interested in reading will need to translate into their respective language.




                (Original text in Brazilian Portuguese)


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