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    Brian Masinick

    Copied from a portion of an Email received from Kurt Roeckx, Debian Project Secretary:


    The results of the General Resolution about init systems and systemd is:
    Option 2 “B: Systemd but we support exploring alternatives”

    The details of the results are available at:

    Kurt Roeckx
    Debian Project Secretary”

    The potential in this is that while the Debian project will continue to have systemd as it’s primary init system, at least there is a “possibility” that other init systems, such as runit, void, and maybe others will be “explored” – and who knows, perhaps “available”, even if they are not the “default” init systems now or in the immediate future. The vote at least allows for the potential for the antiX project to be able to keep watch, and potentially take advantage of alternative init systems offered by Debian in the future. (“Keep your fingers crossed” – an American expression) – perhaps this vote will yield some technologies that our project may be able to investigate, and consider using in the future. Meanwhile the Devuan GNU+Linux project and the antiX project are two Debian-based alternatives that continue to “provide a variant of Debian without the complexities and dependencies of systemd, an init system and services manager originally developed by Red Hat and later adopted by most other Linux distributions.” (quote obtained from the Devuan Web site).

    Looking forward to some potentially useful software arising from this vote and what *may* follow…

    Brian Masinick

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