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    During a recent search, I found no synaptic version shown for buster repositories.
    That seemed odd, so I jotted a reminder: recheck in a week or so.
    Following up today on that note, the status is unchanged


    and I traced it to this:

    reason for removal: “becuz WAYLAND”

    Due to incompatibility with Wayland?!?

    So far, I haven’t read that debian10 will ship with wayland as default (vs X).
    Even if wayland is to be the debian10 default, freedom of choice is “still a thing”, right?
    No, clearly it is not, and wayland{—}synaptic isn’t even the real issue.
    The sticking point is synaptic{—}synaptic-pkexec, and the removal of synaptic represents yet another successful Our way, or hit the highway… campaign by the “Debian Gnome Team” cabal.


    Searching for news/info regarding synaptic’s removal, I found this (currently contains 49posts) reddit/r/debian topic:
    Synaptic no longer in Buster.Should I start looking for an alternative

    and this

    If users are not using debian+wayland+gnome, it’s perfectly acceptible to leave ’em dazed n confused. They’ll adjust; they will be assimilated.


    The debian project formally publishes ReleaseNotes for each version.
    Currently, the buster document, ReleaseNotes section 5.1.2: noteworthy-obsolete-packages
    it mentions keepass2 …and omits mentioning synaptic.
    Suuuuure, no one will notice, no one will care, because synaptic doesn’t merit “noteworthy package” status?!?

    The apparent point of view by Debian Gnome Team:
    Technically it’s not “obsolete”, rather it has just been relegated to testing/unstable… so we’re not obliged to mention it.


    a few points of clarification:

    As posted above, cabal is an accurate term here.
    (mentioning this in case the word choice seems overly-dramatic)

    The term “Debian Gnome Team” is not just a (my) euphamism


    Jeremy Bicha is among the “Debian Gnome Team”
    (he is also embedded in Ubuntu dev community)
    and he actively pursues the systemd+Gnome+wayland+policykit EmbraceExtendExtinguish agenda




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    Sad news from Debian.
    Good news time from us.
    antiX-19 will ship with synaptic – bugs ‘n all.

    Philosophers have interpreted the world in many ways; the point is to change it.

    antiX with runit - leaner and meaner.


    Thanks, anticapitalista, for the “good news”.
    My primary focus in creating this topic is/was toward raising awareness


    FYI: The same, and I mean EXACTLY the same, had motivated (had been used to justify)
    the removal of gdebi from debian10 Buster.

    gdebi has now been suitably patched to support pkexec
    and its presence within the Buster repositories is now (re)assured.

    If you click the link, glancing at the first 20 or so lines you will notice:
    + this is the handiwork of Jeremy Bicha
    + removal of gdebi was due to its relationship with gksu (another of the EEE successfully stomped-out from debian) packages

    Over here:
    By clicking the triangles displayed left side of page, you can view the (laughably minimal) changes which were made, in order to “bring gdebi into compliance with pkexec”. Literally 3 lines of added code, plus the 20-line policykit rule file. Oh, and during that intervention Bicha siezed the opportunity to axe the “gdebi-kde” variant from the package.

    …and behold the doodoo rolling downhill, assimilated downstream //…

    The takeaway regarding synaptic (feel free to convince me otherwise):
    Gnome camp is pursuing EEE rollout of “appstream”.
    Therefore, Gnome camp (embedded into the Debian//Ubuntu dev community) is unwilling to risk
    someone adding “3 lines of code” in order to keep synaptic in Ubuntu//Debian.


    April, 1st. Sunny. Tomorrow is a new day. Devuan. Amen.


    Sometimes people get their noses so high in the air that they lose track of where they are and can’t see where they are going.

    No offense, but was it really an April Fools joke? Think of what it would be like to tell all the normal folk to find, install and remove packages with Apt or Aptitude again. Not such a bright idea, IMO.

    Three cheers for anti 🙂


    BobC, I understand why it might seem hard to believe.
    For many desktop users, synaptic has probably stood as THE signature debian “app”.

    I have carefully cited, and linked to various references (or displayed the URLs via screencaps)
    so that readers can verify the validity of what I have posted here.


    When you talk about ‘Linux development’, don’t forget the ‘behind the scene’ part of it.
    Where the money comes from? Amazon, Apple, Google, HP, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft …
    Linux isn’t something about or developed with ‘desktop users’ in mind.

    It’s free to download and use, not more, not less.


    You the man! Follow the money.

    That’s what I’ve been saying for years, developers without “other” jobs, sitting behind open and free signs, demanding an altruist philanthropist respect and status, rolling on a Carrera 4S out of their garage! Consultants! RH can send 2-3 contracts a year to “advise” and “speak” to the employees, hp,dell,oracle…. (funded by a “client” themselves, poor things) , on the holly goodness of dbus or wayland and you are set. Paid a-class ticket and board (“and services” or should we call them features?). Then a contractor sends you a machine to test before release, and to keep, and next day it sells for $50K on the market. You don’t have to return it, you can put it on eBay.

    None dare call it “the payroll”.

    You can’t reform or improve and refine this system! As long as “exchange relationships” can exist the rich and the powerful will rule the surface of this planet.


    Linking Debian & Ubuntu together is a bad move, two totally different philosophies – or at least – they used to be!

    Debian was produced for the people, Ubuntu was produced to counter MS Windows.

    As long as we have a decent system using Window Managers, I’ll keep using it.

    Comes the day we only have Desktop Environments, I’ll be back to BSD. 🙂

    P.S. I always use apt, always have. 😉

    Linux (& BSD) since 1999


    In nomine Slackware et Gentoo et Devuan sancti. Amen. 😉
    I just hope, Devuan doesn’t follow Debian.
    And if, then we still get slapt-get.

    Forum Admin

    synaptic gone is quite a change.

    its not your grandfather’s debian anymore. (and on April 2, synaptic is still missing from the package repository, so I’m guessing not a joke.)


    New stuff is great, but there’s no need to take away ppl.s freedom and what they are used too. Hey, I still use Sysvinit, AfterStep (window-manager), Synaptic, Apt-get, Xpdf (and evince), XFontsel, Perl/Tk Windowmaker dockaps, etc. b/c they are lean, mean, and familiar, I know them, and they WORK for my needs. Most other stuff, I wrote myself or forked! I contiue to love Antix more every day! I have AntiX’s and Jack-in-the-Box’s philosophy: “Everything I want, nothing I don’t”!

    Thanks, Anti, et. al.


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