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    As far as I can tell there is no security repository for testing/bullseye yet, unless I am missing a serious piece of information.
    Debian’s own wiki where it describes repositories has a newer and older format, One works the other doesn’t. Or maybe one that worked for buster doesn’t work for bullseye.

    … bullseye/updates main … ==> bad
    … bullseye-security main … ===> good

    Substituting bullseye with testing returns the same. There are some packages that were upgraded from buster but nothing major. I guess those are maturing packages flowing down from sid and sid doesn’t have a security repository, so it may all be normal.
    I am using antix-sid repository on top of this, the main repository works, it is just that security is empty/non-existent.
    Everything works as it should with current updates, but nothing exciting yet.

    I am just reporting this in case anyone out there tries it and runs into problems.

    1 deb buster/updates main
    2 deb <“testing” or codename>-security main

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