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      Hello my fellow AntiX’ers I have returned, as I had to re-register because of the forum upgrade. Still have AntiX on my ancient T42 Thinkpad that I use as a netbook when I travel and it runs perfectly on this old machine πŸ™‚

      Forum looks good, all it now needs is a chatbox :^)

      Real men use Linux πŸ™‚

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        Chatbox is a long wait away. If you are counting on me.;)

        Because I am not touching wordpress plugins. I leave that to Anti or other admins with more sense than I have. This site can be way too easy to break.
        Some others

        Welcome back.

        We really need a wordpress expert on the forum team. It took us some time to set up what is working so far. Because previous plugin installs broke stuff.
        Since you have been gone. I got AntiX 17 64 bit full iso running on my Acer C710 Chromebook as a regular AntiX internal hard drive install.
        No crouton or external usb involved. πŸ˜€

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          Just use the irc channel now πŸ˜‰

          Maybe we can find a chatbox to link to that irc channel

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            I am sure Anti would have a test forum for trying out plugins so that if something breaks it’s better to have it broken in the test environment than the live one πŸ™‚

            Real men use Linux πŸ™‚


              I’m not a fan of the scrolling, embedded-in-page chat. Can’t walk away from PC and just leave page open/idle ~~ there is no “idle”
              (incessant periodic network requests, extra cpu load due to continual javascript activity)

              I would encourage y’all to meetup via the recently-announced MX Linux “Mastodon” channel / place / thingie.


                Just use the irc channel now

                Maybe we can find a chatbox to link to that irc channel

                There might be chatbox plugins out there that simply connect to an IRC channel rather than being entirely on the server hosting the forum.

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                Real men use Linux πŸ™‚

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