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    Today I discovered the seemingly-redundant “Other Desktops” menu item
    Menu }} Applications }} Accessories }} Other Desktops

    ??? When clicked, a yad window opens, stating “Your window manager was not one of the supported window managers.”
    ( Identical result when tested from within both an iceWM session and a fluxbox session. )

    We’re presented 4 buttons:
    “Disable Window” seems to do absolutely nothing when clicked, aside from causing the yad window to close.
    Choose herbsluftwm radio item, click “Disable Window”, relaunch… and herbsluftwm is still/again present in the list.

    A radio list of “Session Name(s)” is displayed, its items are apparently read from a hard-coded list ~~ herbsluftwm is listed although that had been purged from this machine.
    (EDITED TO ADD: I found /usr/share/desktop-session/wm-menus/RAW-wm-menu and removed the herbsluftwm reference. This static list could/should be updated automatically, via apt postinstall hook.)

    The “ControlCenter” button launches ControlCenter. Okay, but why? What is the intended/expected task at hand?

    Selecting icewm (or fluxbox) and clicking “OK” button does work (achieves the same result as using the Desktops }} Other Desktops flyout menu item). I’m guessing this windowed app was intended for eventual use within openbox or xfce session (or even herbsluftwm?). Okaybut… it’s counterintuitive, er confusing, to include this item within the menu-applications section of icewm/jwm/fluxbox.

    related bug:
    If ~/.desktop-session/desktop-session.conf contains the declaration NOTIFICATION_DIALOG=”true”,
    the undecorated “Session is loading…” yad window is neverending & must be manually kill’ed.
    This seems like a regression. I haven’t set “true” for months, so don’t know when the regression crept in. Today, after belatedly updating this machine, I had intended to display the start of session popup to advise folks of the updated status + invite feedback if they noticed anything wonky.

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    The window is so that if you installed another window manager that is not one of the defaults it would pop up allowing you to still have some capabilities from the default desktops. It is in the menu in case you close it when it popped up. The disable option is only to disable it from automatically popping up, not from manually selecting it in the menu.

    The window manager list should have been updated via apt. That is a bug I suppose with hurb. Does it update if you install / remove openbox?

    The startup notification is a bug that has reappeared I think. Will have to review.

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