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    16th place on DistroWatch and the Olymp is within reach. Date: March 2018. Of course, the ranking varies for a system that serves a niche, that’s very good.
    A distribution like AntiX seems to be what people need if they do not want to throw away working hardware. Such people do not want to make the garbage mountain bigger.

    What do you think about it?

    Linux systems I use: Xubuntu 16.04.3 and AntiX 17


    Well, I am biased because I have been using antiX since it was first introduced, possibly even before the first formal release.

    In spite of my obvious interest, and those of many other people, the ranking, while favorable, indicates that we have a niche, a nice one, but it still represents a relatively modest market for what we create. There are quite a few distributions that have much larger forums and methods of distribution. I think that we do quite well, but jumping up in the rating is not a priority or a major source of motivation.

    What motivated me was (and still is) the ability to quickly and easily put together a nimble system that actually has the right software for my needs, and a group of people who are easy to share questions and suggestions with, minus the arguments and soap box noise that I have encountered in a couple of less “forgiving” places.

    I do appreciate your comments and favorable view of antiX.

    If at some point in time a person emerges who has an interest in creating something else or putting a marketing team together, perhaps those who are in charge, in particular anticapitalista, can decide what to do.

    Brian Masinick

    Forum Admin

    First. We were pegged for advanced Users.
    Later on. We were fugly in reviews. Menu confusion.
    Then. Only good for old hardware.
    Then out of the blue. Developer politics were pooh poohed or dissed.

    All these things passed as time went by. Maybe this too will pass. I know we got a kick ass posse behind this distro now. But in the past. We had some good members also.
    As nonsystemd Debian distros go. This one takes the cake. Probably because MX package developers help us out.
    And are onboard with what we do.

    Anyways. That is my take on this survey. But like Masinick. I don’t have a free thinking bone in this body when it comes to this distro. They, the members, Developer, taught me things .

    Beer, Bikes, and BBQ. It's what we do. Master of none.
    Not all who Wander are Lost.
    Linux Registered User # 475019
    How to Search for AntiX solutions to your problems


    I think Antix rocks…and if we keep helping each other figure out quirks
    and sometimes just plain curiosity with the software, It’ll only get bigger and better.
    The distrowatch number is nice, but what really matters is what current users are saying
    about using Antix and how they get nice help getting used to small desktops. I used to use
    Redhat and slackware back in the day (late 90’s early 2k)…still have the books too.
    That’s what helped me on building a kernel before seeing Skidoo’s links to Slashdot.
    I used the guidlines in my redhat bible and old Ubuntu 6 book. I only used live distros
    for a long time…mainly to boot and fix peoples’ XP and 7 computers, but also to see if
    hardware support was any better….video and wifi especially. I’m still getting used to
    using apt and dpkg along with small desktops like icewm and fluxbox, but just plain tired
    of the big and slow ones like Gnome, Cinnamon, and KDE with systemD forced. I have 3 custom Antix
    17 boxes up now with different hardware.
    1. Dell D610 laptop 2gb ram now with 32-bit-stretch and custom kernel
    2. Emachine 2gb ram with Amd Athalon 2650 cpu and sid repo
    3. A10 with 16gb ram and sid with custom kernel with xfce full also
    All work excellent and learned/relearned alot.
    btw I didn’t find Antix on Distrowatch…only found out when searching for distros without
    systemD for older hardwaren on duckduckgo.


    Usability is what matters. Not for nothing do distributions rise in rankings like mx or q4os and others. That’s what matters.
    Ubuntu is constantly changing everything and trying to score with fat, slow desktops like Gnome and KDE. These are very tough and do not add to the user-friendliness. Carnonical has to ask users what they want, but then they do something else. Small Distris like these are automatically closer to the user and can respond accordingly. The result shows that this way is the right one.
    AntiX is based on Debian but the implementation sets the tone. I also know Distris with SystemD as init. SysVinit was not the reason to try AntiX.

    I am not a professional who can build a kernel but I know how to help if it gets stuck here and there. A search engine helps me find a solution. I would describe myself as an advanced. Help for others in an English-speaking forum is difficult for me, since there is already a certain language barrier. I use a translation tool. 🙂

    A solution to get WICD in the Autostart I found here with the search function. :-))


    Linux systems I use: Xubuntu 16.04.3 and AntiX 17


    Any thoughts on this:
    Distro watch:
    Data span: last 7 days
    Rank Distribution HPD*
    1 Manjaro 3169 up
    2 Mint 2836 up
    3 MX Linux 1631 up
    4 Ubuntu 1569 up
    5 Debian 1557 dn
    6 Zorin 1548 up
    7 Solus 1360 dn
    8 elementary 1295 up
    9 antiX 1006 up
    10 Fedora 870 dn
    as of 7:15 pm today
    Top 10 and on the distrowatch torrent corner has got to be a good sign 🙂


    Went from number 9 at 1006 hpd to number 7 at 1236 hpd 🙂

    Distrowatch last 7 days

    Page Hit Ranking
    Data span: last 7 days
    Rank Distribution HPD*

    1 Manjaro 3221 dn
    2 Mint 2867 up
    3 Ubuntu 1581 dn
    4 Debian 1475 dn
    5 Solus 1339 dn
    6 elementary 1299 dn
    7 antiX 1236 up
    8 MX Linux 1151 dn
    9 Zorin 1038 dn
    10 Fedora 883 dn

    As of 5:09 pm mst time on 3-25-18


    Whether antix is before or behind mx I do not care but the two distributions among the top 10 are great.
    Thanks for your contribution.


    Linux systems I use: Xubuntu 16.04.3 and AntiX 17

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