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Do you use a Conky?

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      Added my ‘No’ – I like a clean desktop, often just a plain colour background. πŸ˜€

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        I made two configurations: one to find a possible technical problem and the other to remind my keyboard shortcuts. Conky is not launched by default. I use my second configuration to display a shortcut not yet memorized (super + h = help ). My installation is not yet “stabilized” so this is very usefull…


          Most of the time my screen is very full, so if I’m running the standard conky, it’s not visible.

          I typically leave the standard conky running on my testing setups, but don’t run it on my main system. I am hoping to get the info I need from my system tray. The things that are missing are root and/or /home disk space, updates available, and weather conditions/temp (which I’m testing now). The big problem is that I don’t like wasting a lot of memory on the tray icons, and I wish IceWM had a way to program them without using at least 11 mb each, but the Devs there aren’t willing to create a generic tray icon feature, I think because it would be too difficult. I am not capable or writing anything like that. I admit I haven’t tried to get it all done with a different panel like tint2, or an always visible conky including all the missing features. I guess this is the price of running a WM based desktop rather than a DE. Of course the DE needs way more memory, so its not a fair comparison.

          Not sure what reasonable options are out there, otherwise.

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            Yes, on testing machines. Otherwise it is toggled off most of the time.

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              Added my β€˜No’ – I like a clean desktop, often just a plain colour background. >

              Hi there fatmac – good to ‘see’ you back here.

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                I like it on the desktop all the time. πŸ™‚

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                  Hi there fatmac – good to β€˜see’ you back here.

                  Thanks. πŸ™‚

                  Linux (& BSD) since 1999
                  Ultra Small Form Factor & thin client computers


                    After I install Antix I thought the Conky is a nice thing, it show a live data and useful info, I chose a nice wallpaper so the Conky text show well.
                    Recently I started to use random wallpaper from the web with Upsplash (I post about it here) And now the Conky in more of a eye sore, sometimes when I change the wallpaper, the colors of wallpaper is similar to the colors text or the graph of the Conky, make them unreadable

                    This is key. I use conky all the time, but it does limit the choice of wallpaper. There is also the option of a simple edit in mtpaint to insert a black bar, roughly the width of the conky window, at the right edge of the image. Or editing the conkyrc to have a solid background instead of default pseudo-transparency.

                    I dont use a toolbar (waste of screen real estate) so conky is the way I get all the usual toolbar info, including current date and time. Does require a quick switch to a new workspace to see it though.


                      I love conky. At the same time i just like it simple but with all informations πŸ˜‰
                      I have not yet completely adapted it to antiX. 2-3 things are not yet reconfigured.


                      Since english is not my native language and my knowledge is too poor to represent complex things I use a translator.
                      These are known not to be perfect. If you translate one of my posts from german to english into other languages, the result will be worse and worse. Therefore, I post in both english and german, so that non english speaking users can have the german text translated directly into their language.


                        … Yes, but only sometimes via

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                            Usually, yes. When running Live, I use default conky. On installed systems I use the one I adapted from LegacyOS – very similar to the MX-Linux’s one, also displaying the weather (I made that conky available here in the forum a while ago).


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