Do you use icons in Desktop?

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Do you use icons on Desktop?

With icons on Desktop or not

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  • #1 Yes I do
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      Added my ‘No’ – I like to have a clean/clear desktop. 😀

      Linux (& BSD) since 1999
      Ultra Small Form Factor & thin client computers


        On my own computers i don’t use desktop-icons, no panel, no menu, only a launcher, fbrun or gmrun or something basic like, bind to a keyboard-shortcut. All Windows start fullscreen (for some it doesn’t really make sense, sure), one application per virtual desktop, those i switch with keyboard-shortcuts too. WM is fluxbox, but i did the same with openbox or awesome, and wouldn’t use a WM where i can’t do it like that. Only works if you don’t do that much with the computer, i assume.


          No icons on the desktop, one icon in the taskbar, the personal menu for little-used programs: in general, I use my shortcuts to open my favorite programs. It is easier and faster.


            Year 2001 Red Hat fork, IT Linux has desktop icons as default settings. The computer is Compaq M300

          Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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