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      Now I’ll try WPS, I’ll see how it goes.

      If you find a 32 bits .deb file for WPS, please do share the link here, for other users!
      Also, Moddit presented us, in his previous post, with a link that allows downloading 32 bits .deb filed for Softmaker- FreeOffice is a limited version of Softmaker Office, so you can try it and see how it works for you (last time I tested it, I think Softmaker Office just worked in a limited way, after the trial period expired- but if it works for you, and you can afford it, you can pay for it’s license).

      Edit: I just found 32bit deb file for freeoffice:
      I’ll try to test it later on a 32bits antiX


      Well, it did not go very well with Abiword, I did not find WPS’s .Deb pack … so, I finished installing LibreOffice, the latest version they released for the 32 bits.

      He already produced a compatibility error (something that did not do FreeOffice), but that is no longer surprised.

      Hi PPC,
      if I remember correctly free office needed a key or registration after some time.
      i lost my registration reply long ago for sure.

      Just looking on Softmaker site, seems free office is now just that.

      For latest Version: 64 Bit only.
      Gives download and installation instructions for all major distros. A number of languages available on that page.

      also prefer open source, much prefer softmaker to MS Office though..

      Yes, it would be excellent that it was open source and in that way combat the monopoly (?) That has LibreOffice.
      As for the serial or activation key, I have a basic, and since I am not a demanding user (I only want for compatibility)

      P.D.: How do I close this thread?


      Dura Lex Sed Lex

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