DOS Subsystem for Linux breaks cover

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    Brian Masinick

    Abstract: A software engineer in Melbourne is whiling away the city’s lockdown by creating a tool that DOS users so far have lacked: an integrated Linux environment similar to what Windows 10 users enjoy.

    Charlie Somerville told iTnews that he developed the DOS Subsystem for Linux (DSL) as he enjoys system programming and has an interest in retro computing, expecially 1990s Microsoft DOS and Windows things.

    The first version of Microsoft Disk Operating System for Intel 8086 processor-based personal computers appeared in 1981, after the fledgling software house hired developer Tim Paterson who had cloned the Control Program/Monitor (CP/M) software to create what was originally named 86-DOS.

    Microsoft paid Paterson US$75,000 for version 1.10 of 86-DOS and renamed it to MS-DOS.

    Brian Masinick

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