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      at this time those of use that maintain the live-initrd have chosen not to incorporate the home_extra changes. all the other changes and adjustments were incorporated.

      we are currently in the middle of update the live-initrd for other reasons (luks2).

      I think it might be wise for you to get into git and gitlab. its hard to follow where to put code snippets when they are in forum posts.

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        Thanks for the attention.

        By chance, did you have a bit of chance to at least test the last home_xtra change? Unfortunately I have not had full opportunity to extensively test it, I must admit, but some initial tests seemed to indicate that now these changes work with both directory and tgz -even if both existing-, and no longer conflict with home persistence.

        I’ll give Gitlab a thought.

        What about this other issue, BTW?


          ctcx, I thank you for taking the time to contribute these improvements.

          happy holidays


            Mm… I think dolphin may have already marked me due precisely to the past testing errors I had…
            Seriously, why do I have this strong sense

            Forum Admin

              I haven’t “marked” you. I’m here often, but not everyday.


                Last attempt of change suggesting.
                I tried creating Gitlab account, but seemingly their system was a bit “down” -got no response and couldn’t complete form-; sorry for this.


                copy_xtra() {
                    # Note for devs; please check: local var "dir" is not even used !!! Actually neither "bdir" here...
                    local dir bdir=$1 xtra_dir=$1/xtra tarball=$1/xtra.tgz home_exist
                    [ -d "$NEW_ROOT/home" ] && home_exist=true
                    if [ -e $tarball ]; then
                        msg 'Unpack xtra tarball'
                        gunzip -c "$tarball" | tar x -C $NEW_ROOT/
                        # To avoid conflict when live-init script creates home directory.
                        # Would be cooler if Busybox's tar supported the --transform option,
                        # in which case the below line would be not necessary
                        [ -d "$NEW_ROOT/home" -a ! "$home_exist" ] && mv "$NEW_ROOT/home" "$NEW_ROOT/home.xtra"
                    local live_xtra='/live/xtra'
                    if  [ -d "$live_xtra" -a ! -d "$xtra_dir" ]; then
                        msg 'Copy xtra file(s) from %s' "$(fq "$live_xtra")"
                        # Copy into the antiX/xtra dir if we can,
                        # otherwise copy directly to the aufs from the initrd
                        if remasterable; then
                            mkdir -p "$xtra_dir"
                            (cd "$live_xtra" && tar cf - *) | tar x -C "$xtra_dir"
                    [ -d "$xtra_dir" ] || return
                    local list=$(ls $xtra_dir)
                    [ -n "$list" ] || return
                    if [ -e $tarball ]; then
                        msg 'Found both xtra tarball and xtra directory; taking priority on xtra directory'
                        [ -d "$NEW_ROOT/home.xtra" ] && rm -r "$NEW_ROOT/home.xtra"
                    msg 'Copy xtra file(s) to: %s' "$(fq $list)"
                    # Use tar because cp stumbles on some symlinks in target directory
                    (cd "$xtra_dir" && tar cf - *) | tar x -C "$NEW_ROOT"
                    [ -d "$NEW_ROOT/home" -a ! "$home_exist" ] && mv "$NEW_ROOT/home" "$NEW_ROOT/home.xtra"
                    # Create a symlink to the /antiX/xtra directory if it exists
                    local r_dir="$NEW_ROOT/root"
                    local x_dir="$DEFAULT_DIR/xtra"
                    test -e $r_dir/xtra && return
                    test -d $r_dir && test -d $x_dir && log_cmd ln -s $x_dir $r_dir/xtra

                  And the /live/etc/init.d/live-init change mentioned back here:

                  Even with your recent changes, your forums no longer admit many normal postings; system even banned me for almost an hour, not allowing logging in with no error.

                  And reiterating yet again:
                  Not related to init script, but one past suggestion of mine for “battery indicator”:
                  At least for me, as basic as useful. No similar thing present neither in Base nor Full ISO versions.

                  This time fully tested with root and home persistence types.
                  Let’s see if mr dolphin, along with devs, are in better mood and stop marking me as “fool”.

                  Happy damn Friday 13th.

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