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      I want to share my file from my phone to my pc by using Droopy share by using my computers own IP address how can I and Is there any other efficient applications within AntiX that is more useful for this ?


        Hi bkl6969, did yo have a look at the faq ?

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          There is a android usb connect in menu>applications>antiX for another way to send files.

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            There are multiple and easy to use ways to share files between devices on the same network, other than Droopy:

            Using a web browser in each device:
            – snapdrop.net
            – sharedrop.io

            Using an android app on the phone and a browser on the computer:
            – PlainApp (available both on the Play Store and in F-droid)

            Using an app installed on the phone and in the computer:
            – LocalSend (available for 64bits antiX computers – as .deb or .appimage-, android devices, Ios devices, Windows, MacOS)- https://localsend.org/#/download

            Create a Samba shared folder on your antiX computer and access it from your phone:
            – On antiX 23/23.1 configure a shared folder using the GUI from Control Centre, then use any android app that allows you to connect to a shared folder- my File Manager in my android phone “Material Files” (that I downloaded from F-droid) allows me do to that.


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              KDE Connect is really good and is available in the repos so its just a “sudo apt install” away. Make sure to disable any firewall when setting it up.

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