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    I am trying to connect samsung tv to my laptop, im using a dell 4 in 1 adapter (usb – hdmi) because i do not have a hdmi port on my laptop and i do not have a VGA port on my tv, when i plug it all in it shows on my tv “no signal”, i am fairly new to linux and i have no idea what to do,i think i may have to install some drivers but not 100% sure.

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    Once you have the screen connected, open arandr (Search in App Select or open Control Centre > Session > Set Screen Reslution).
    In the top menu, go to Outputs > VGA > Active (or whatever your computer port is).
    Now you can move both monitor-rectangles around, rightclick on any of them to change resolution and orientation, and hit Apply.

    There is a package to remember your settings for the next session. I cannot recall the name right now, but it should be called something like autorandr or something like that. Every time you plug in your monitor it should automatically detect it and set the correct monitor setup.

    It has been some time, so I am not sure.

    Hope this helps.

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    I can’t even get my screen connected, it is all plugged in, my tv says “no signal” and the screen layout arranger doesn’t show the vga and i am trying to connect via HDMI not vga.


    Please try
    xrandr --auto

    from terminal for activating the second monitor(TV)

    If this doesn’t help post the output of
    xrandr --query


    caprea has it right. With this we can know if the system detects another display.

    im using a dell 4 in 1 adapter

    Maybe more info on this.
    Is this a USB-C/USB 3.0 to (VGA, HDMI, etc) adapter? I don’t know if this would need a driver, as you mention. Probably a newer kernel?
    Is this a VGA to (HDMI, DP, etc.) adapter? (my first impression, sorry I missunderstood).

    If this adapter is HDMI to (VGA, DP, etc.) it will probably NOT work, as it is expecting HDMI INPUT, and not output.

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