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    Hello fellow antiX users,

    I have a question regarding the SLiM login screen. I have the problem that on startup my SLiM login manager is on both screens. It is quite annoying that the configuration is off and I cannot find how to change the settings, that for instance the login panel is on one screen.

    Thanks for the help in advance,


    a websearch “SLiM login dual displays|monitors” instantly finds:


    [SOLVED] Slim login screen spans across 2 monitors as if one monitor

    The solution involves editing
    and adjusting the values of
    input_panel_x and background_style

    From within a running destop session (already logged in) you can use a terminal emulator to launch
    slim -p /usr/share/slim/themes/default/slim.theme
    to immediately preview the result after editing/tweaking the themefile

    When requesting help, pasting the output from inxi -Fxr command will provide important relevant details:
    antiX version//edition ~~ stable vs testing repos ~~ live vs installed vs virtualbox ~~ hardware specs


    Thank you.

    I was thinking in that direction but I couldn’t find the answer you googled. Must have been so close all day.
    I will try tomorrow on my PC at work, but thanks, for it is almost 9 pm here

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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