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    Hi, I would like to know where to find educational software, as well how to install it on antiX?
    If I can locate .deb software I can use gdebi i would think…i am new to this.


    Have you checked what is available in Antix CC , System, Meta package installer?


    where to find

    v—- provides links to various sites where you can browse categorized listings of software (w/ descriptions + screenshots)

    topic: “where do YOU learn about additional apps/software?

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    Have you checked what is available in Antix CC , System, Meta package installer?

    Package installer now. May Meta package installer RIP

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    Hi guys 🙂
    Here is a nice one I installed on my daughters PC
    I think its excellent for kids !

    “bare with me on clickable link here”


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    Here is a link to Debian based software, however, be aware that it isn’t tested to not contain anything systemd related.

    Plus the Debian packages.

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    hello rottik9
    a list to check against
    look here

    maybe not just, because you asked about running on antiX, to show k desktop selections. education first, antiX second maybe in this case. modular curriculum, not usually free, seems preferable to anything able to be all-in-one.
    Always add to what you find a running on antiX ! (live) the best typing tutors= gtypist ! and klavaro ! antiX live can supplement any other curriculum choice using what you do find in linux repositories.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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