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    Greetings, I will be teaching the first Linux class in our school in 3 more days! I’m a user with some command line knowledge. (sad ability since I have used linux since Coral made a graphical edition 1999) Would love to hear advice suggestions extra as I will challenge our kids to build a customized Anti-X for education. We may make a mess but we will learn about Linux!

    This journey into Linux began as I was asked to help my professor with a webpage. Said yes then asked a friend what a web page was! Then I walked into the computer room and was told this is windows (it crashes alot), this is mac , this is OS2, this is Unix and this is Linux and I asked what??? Since then I have helped schools and churches leave illegal windows to enter the world of linux here in Thailand and helped one school in Laos. Ive only made iso starting from a core version. They have worked. We are using MX 18.3 in the lab as of now but want the kids to make a custom build for education. One iso for primary and one iso for secondary. Of course in Thailand we will have multi-languages. I am facing 10-12 year old machines to add to this challenge.

    Any suggestions. Any teachers out there that would like to give feedback for the first Linux class of CRICS.

    Maybe I am volunteering to do a webpage when I dont know what a web page is again. As my Dad (big Loyal) said to try and fail you can learn, to never try you failed before you even began. I’d add to Dad’s saying …so you can never learn anything.

    Thanks Anti-X for what you do
    Little Loyal and his side-kick Littler Loyal

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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