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    I’ve a few questions that were originally posted to freenode.net#antix, but it seems quiet there so asking here.

    First, is it possible to install Luks on EFI using the antix installer like it is in Debian? I’m guessing your installer doesn’t deviate much from Debian so holding out for a yes. (Manually-typed LUKS and LVM is possible but painful).

    Secondly, is runit now the default init system? Is it easy to switch if it isn’t? I use it on Void so am familiar with the operation and the speed, but I wonder if it isn’t widely used because sysv init scripts might need ported.

    That’s all. Looking forward to your replies.


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    1) I am not certain about luks / lvm. If I recall correctly there is an encryption option in the installer. The installer is completely different than the debian installer (only in MX/antiX) as far as I am aware.
    2)The default init system is sysv init. However there are official releases with runit (currently there are version 21 betas available). From what I can tell; though the runit versions are functioning they are not a perfect implementation (Though farther than the default Debian implementation from what I read). There seems to be a fair amount of interest with runit and porting / input from more experienced members on runit is welcome.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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